Hot! The “It’s All About the Sleeves” Suit


The “It’s All About the Sleeves” Suit

The Facts

·Fabric:  Green/Gold Multi wool from Fashion Fabrics Club; Zeus lining from JoAnn Fabrics

·Pattern:  Vogue 2444, Vogue Vintage Model

· Year:  Original 1947 Design

· Notions:  Scraps of dyed green organza from this project for buttonholes; Buttons from JoAnn Fabrics; Gutterman silk thread for hand stitching; Hug Snug seam binding

·Time to complete:  Not sure . . . but I was sewing those buttons on at the very last minute!

· First worn:  January 13, 2012

· Wear again?  Absolutely!

· Total price:   ~ 70.00

I find myself consistently drawn to Vintage Vogue reproductions.  There are very few that I do not hope to make up some day.  If I had enough time, I think I would try to construct each and every re-issue I can get my hands on!

Vogue 2444 was released in 2000, before I was consistently stalking the Vogue website for each and every new Vintage Vogue.  Luckily, I found this one over on etsy last year.  I love the style lines!

I actually had my fabrics picked out and ready to go over the Christmas holiday, but I lost my sewing motivation for a couple of weeks.  This was somewhat concerning, seeing as I just signed up for The Sew Weekly!  Thankfully, I have returned to the sewing room with a bunch of new ideas – hopefully a few of them will get created this year!

As soon as I saw that this week’s challenge involved buttonholes, I was motivated to get back to the project.

It is rather ridiculous, but buttonholes still scare me.  I abhor the idea of finishing a garment completely and then sticking it under a machine and hoping for the best.  Have you ever tried to unpick a machine made buttonhole?  So, vintage-loving me has always preferred bound buttonholes.  However, each and every project that involves buttons always slows me what down because I would rather be doing just about anything else!  I know I am not alone in my fear, and somehow that helps.  Perhaps that was the idea behind Mena’s challenge this week.  Well, from now on, I am going to do my best to jump right in – no more fear!  After all, if I need any help, I know you will all be there to help.

For this particular pattern, because the fabric was a bit on the thick side, I used Gertie’s bound buttonhole tutorial.  And it worked beautifully.

The pattern was quite quick to sew up.  The swing jacket is not a silhouette I generally am drawn to, but the sleeves alone made the suit worth a try!  And I love the pockets (although they are not very utilitarian).

My hat was made using Vogue 7657.  I really must remember to look in my hat boxes more often – I have a tendency to forget about them.



Laura Mae

Laura Mae adores sewing and knitting, mostly vintage or vintage-inspired patterns. She hopes to inspire others to create lovely and lasting garments that speak of a past era and yet remain timeless and elegant.


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  1. i love a swing coat and you did a truly delightful job on yours. i had never seen a swing coat as a suit before, but yours absolutely works and is a keeper. great magenta color accents, too.

  2. Love that last photo. :)

  3. What a fab suit, it is amazing

  4. This suit is awesome and your styling is crazy amazing! Well done!

  5. Gorgeous styling and awesome suit! The pink blouse and pink hat photo is my favorite.

  6. That is a beautiful suit! I love your fabric choice and styling. Go VIntage Patterns! I’m a big fan also.

  7. Great Suit! I love your photos too!

  8. So elegant – great styling too.

  9. You look super classy, well done on the suit and your photos really capture the 1940’s.

  10. Such a fabulous suit! I love the little pops of color – the green buttons, the pink blouse – it’s a lovely ensemble!