Hot! The “Is it Spring Already?” Shirt

"Is it Spring Already?" Shirt


The Facts

Fabric: Thrifted bed sheet ~ $1.50
Pattern: Butterick 6887 ~$5.00
Year: 1950s
Notions: Vintage button ~ $.08
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: January 2012
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: $6.58


As you can probably tell I LOVE bright colors.  On this particular day these photos were taken it was a mess outside. Rainy and cold, and as I started to think about this challenge, I decided that it was time to make something entirely season inappropiate! :D

Enter bright turquoise earrings I purchased a few months back at an antique store and a pair of bright turquoise shoes that I wore for my wedding.  I haven’t worn these shoes since my wedding back in 2008.  I feel like this is a tragedy.  Fortunately I think the printed bed sheet used to make this top and bright green linen skirt I made a few months back work perfectly with my chosen accesories.


"Is it Spring Already?" Shirt

Making up this shirt was a breeze.  It’s a biased cut shirt with three collar variations.  I made up the rolled collar version (View B) but will definitely be making up the others.  Thankfully I didn’t need to make any alterations just changed the dart placement a bit.  Less “vintage” placement.  Also, no zipper!  It called for one but there was absolutely no reason to add one as it’s a bit stretchy.  I added a vintage button at the collar since a bungled up the finishing on that a bit..  Note to self: Read directions sometimes why don’t ya.  But the button hides it well and looks pretty cute

I also omitted the facings and used bias binding to finish off the collar which I prefer over facings.  If I hate inserting sleeves the most, making facings is a close second.  The rest of the seams are serged.


"Is it Spring Already?" Shirt


Overall I’m really happy with this make even though my husband thinks it’s strange to wear a bed sheet.  But what does he know.




Christi lives in the Atlanta, GA area. She's a stay at home mom with a 2 1/2 year old who thinks she's at least 15. She wants to eventually make an entire wardrobe filled with nothing but fantastic handmade items.


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  1. Great upcycling on the bed sheet. It can be a fantastic fabric choice and it certainly worked for you. I love the color combinations: from the earrings to the shoes! Just lovely!

  2. Awww man, why can’t it really be spring time?!?! You did a fantastic job!

  3. Your outfit is so pretty! What excellent sheet-fabric you found, too. :) I love the collar shape; very vintage and lovely.

  4. That shirt looks marvelous on you! I love it with the earrings. Also by the way I love your hair!

  5. What a beautiful outfit! And just right for gray days. I never wear my wedding shoes either – I love that you chose them for this.

  6. I adore your outfit! It’s also beautiful on you.
    What a great combination. I love the sheet!

  7. So cute, so cute!! I love the entire outfit and your turquoise shoes are amazing!! Well done!!

    Do I spy another purple-haired lady? We’re kindred spirits then, as Deep Purple is my signature colour :)

  8. I love it! The button ties the earrings and shoes into the shirt (plus I have also used the ‘button to cover a mistake’ move!) I also love your skirt and why not make seasonally inappropriate clothes, it just means there is more to wear when spring comes round.

  9. OMG. I have those sheets!! They are on my bed. I may need to make something with them now ;) Lovely blouse!!

  10. Omg has Veronica Darling seen this? Your top is amazing as is your whole outfit. So glad you wore your wedding shoes they’re perfect.

  11. Just lovely! Did you add set in sleeves by preference or is the pattern picture not that detailed (looks like sleeves cut in one)?

  12. I don’t think that looks like a sheet at all! It’s so pretty & springy! And I looooove those shoes – the perfect shade of teal :D

  13. Everything about this has me smiling! You look fabulous and cheery :) So, you simply bias bound the seam allowance instead of a facing? Tres cool. I wore turquoise shoes for my wedding, too :)

    • Thank you! Yes I just used bias on the allowance. Facings always irritate me by flipping out and looking janky. Which I’m sure is just my lack of skill sewing them! lol

  14. I love your colors! I have similar 50s top pattern and you’ve inspired me to break it out.

  15. This looks fantastic! One of my favorites this week. And Atlanta isn’t so cold, so you could be wearing this outdoors in 2 months.

    • Wow thanks! It’s true ATL isn’t too bad, especially this year. I think it was close to 70 yesterday. Isn’t just like someone who lives in a warmer state to complain about the “cold” weather, lol. :D

  16. Love the shirt and it looks great on you!

  17. oh! I love your shoes! I have some aqua mary janes and LOVE them. They make a little pop of color with everything.

    Also like your sheet-style sewing. ;) Your blouse is so pretty and bright and cheery, just lovely.

  18. Great shirt and the whole outfit has a neat vintage vibe. Cool color combinations.

  19. This is glorious! The button os a great finishing touched (cover up or no) and those shoes are fantastic :D

  20. This whole outfit is so cheerful and springy! The colors go so well with your earrings and skirt. And I wear bedsheet clothing all the time, who cares what my husband thinks!

  21. What a perfect for spring outfit! It’s so sweet and cheerful, makes me happy just reading your post and looking at the photos:) Love the turquoise accessories too.