Hot! The Inbetween Days Dress


The Facts

  •  Fabric | Silky Sateen
  •  Pattern | Self Drafted
  •  Year | 2012
  •  Notions | Elastic
  •  Time to complete | 1 hour
  •  First worn | 5th January
  •  Wear again? Oh yes please
  •  Total price | $15


If you have ever stopped over to my blog you may well know how much I love an accessory or two or three, I’ll dive head first into the jewellery box and come out looking like a gypsy. “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and add one more accessory.” – Kazzthespazz. Sorry Coco. I was dead chuffed when I read what this challenge was so I dug deep into my pile of treasures and decided on the above, this week I’ve been bathing in wood and turquoise so I shall settle on this for the basis of this weeks outfit. It’s often I will sew a garment around a pair of shoes especially if they are an unusual colour. | Diagram

So for the first real Sew Weekly challenge of 2012 I had to be wise with my time because we had visitors for a week and the last thing I wanted was to be a right snot sitting about on the computer and locked away in my sewing room. A window of opportunity came my way when I decided to forfeit afternoon drinks at our favourite local Irish pub. I figured 2 hours max is all I’ll have to get this weeks challenge together.  | Accessories Challenge

Seriously, how much easier could I have made this challenge for myself? and you know what? I absolutely love how she turned out, simple and affective, worked a treat really. After taking my measurements I neatly cut into the slippery but dead gorgeous silky sateen, carefully overlocking all the raw edges turning them under once and pressing, then of course, stitching. In regards to the neckline, I knew the wrong choice of elastic could potentially irritate my neck and underarm so I spied the softest I could find to insert. I decided to roll hem the bottom which also turned out rather smashing. How about you would you roll hem this particular garment? She looks okay just draping like that, very comfy, perfect for a beach throw-on or an ‘All You Can Eat’ dinner date don’t you think? Super versatile. I like super versatile especially in this hot weather.  | Accessories Challenge

I like her belted best, it adds more shape and drape perfect for a casual night out. I think with my time constraints the dress turned out lovely, the accessories go together well and I will get loads of wear from this outfit during the Summer of 2012. This sewing year I’ll be naming each garment after a song, can you guess who sang this 80’s gothic number?

I seriously can not wait to see what all the other contributors sew. Sew Weekly this year is going to be massive. Well done Mena I’m so pleased to be apart of a wonderful sewing community, lets kick out the jams baby.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. That fabric is fab-u-lous!

  2. Kazz I always love your clothing and your style, and this is no different. Those shoes are the business! And your star tattoo is in on the whole colour theme too. Love!

  3. and i know it was wrong when i said it was you, and it couldn’t be me and be her inbetween without you. without you.
    (I was a spiky-black-dyed-hair-and-red-slashed-lips teenager in the ’80s too!)
    Another Kazz creation that makes me want one too.

  4. Yet another gorgeous dress – I just love your creations …. and your posts! I’m so looking forward to more throughout the year.

  5. ah Kaz, you have The Cure for all my ills, I think I shall have to attempt this fab look, you got skills

  6. Nice. Very nice. I like it. :)

  7. Awesome as always! Love your inspiration, I’m just as accessory-nuts as you (maybe not all days, but mostly). Cant leave the house with less than five. That fabric is great and the simplicity of the cutting and how it drapes is working so well!

  8. Yeh! Love The Cure (one of my first concerts – Prince was the other one) and love your super simpleness for this week! Great start to the year babes! WHY does that aqua go SO well with woody earthy colours! xoxo

    • I’m so jealous you saw Prince, my god if I could turn back time I’d be wearing my raspberry beret asking to be driven to Alphabet St in a little red corvette ready to party like it’s 1999. Hee hee. Thank you sweetie xx

  9. AMAZING!!! I love that you make stuff this is seemingly so simple to make but you make them look like a million dollars. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with this year.

  10. I’m with the simplicity thing … why overcomplicate things??? Love your colour combination and choice of fabric.

  11. Oh, Kazz…I can tell already you’ll be rocking our worlds all year. The submerged photo is eye candy supreme…I do hope that’s not real water dampening that instant masterpiece.

  12. I just adore your self drafted creations and all of your uber fabulous accessories!! Bravo on another excellent work!

  13. Fab and creative as ever. Xx Rach

  14. Oooh, I want one. I mean ten.


  15. Fantastic…what fabric…what shoes!

  16. Seriously fabulous! Kazz you are the queen of accessories and that dress is perfect with them!

  17. The dress really shows off your accessories to full potential and a quick sew is always a winner!

  18. Excellent! Job done, Yay! Thank you for commenting.

  19. AWESOME!!! Great way to start a morning like this ;)

  20. This is completely excellent.

  21. Loves it! The perfect mix of summer and sassy!

  22. Oh I LOOVE it! You have amazing style :)

  23. Lady, you never cease to amaze me. Fabulous! (And as always, totally loving your turquoise accessories.)

  24. how did I miss this??? Classy as always Kaz, simple and yet so perfect.