Hot! The “I’m so blue” Dress

The Facts

Fabric: Navy Cotton Broad Cloth

Pattern: McCall’s 6503

Year: Modern

Notions: Invisable Zipper, 3 Buttons

Time to Complete: To many hours to count and to imbarrased to say. (about 20)

First Worn: To try on for my husband and take pictures

Wear Again: Yes, when I am no longer mad at it.

Total price: $35.00 for the outfit but $55.00 for the belt and shoes.

When I found out that we were to do a Make This Look I was excited. I loved that Mena started that part of the Sew Weekly site. I chose this dress right way, but I should have passed it by. The pattern is marked as easy, but oh was it just plan hard for me. It took me forever cut out as the broadcloth was so thin that I ended up lining the dress.  I had issues with the collar that made me want to give up sewing for at least a day. The two layer of broadcloth just did not want to gather for love or money. I was going to just give up, but powered though because A) I skipped two weeks of challanges (I did make up one challange by making three button holes that turned out great) beacuse my house was being painted and I had to pack up my dining room sewing room  to have the painters do their thing and B) I spent WAY to much money on the shoes and the belt that I fell in love with as soon as I received them in the mail.

All that said I do love how this dress turned out (even if it did make me shead a tears or two) and I will wear it many, many time once I have stopped being mad at it.




Casandra Riddle is a full time mom to 4 great kids and loves to sew for all of them (my husband might get some things too).I have pretty much been sewing on and off for years, but only in the past 8 years have I been hardcore about it. I am looking forward to working on my sewing skills and making more clothes then buying ready to wear.


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  1. Beautiful Make This Look dress! That’s one of my favs and yours is spot on!

  2. It’s too bad it was so much trouble but the finished dress looks great! I’m sure you’ll get a lot of use out of it when the frustration fades :-)

  3. The dress looks beautiful ….. and I love the belt & shoes! I’m having the same problems with my project this week – nothing seems to be going right, hopefully I will (eventually) get it finished!

  4. Way to power through, the dress looks great on you.

  5. I love that you got the exact accessories to go with it!! Even if it was a pain in the a$$, you did a great job!

  6. It looks fab and what a great idea to get the accessories too!

  7. I know that feeling Cas, but it looks great on you so I hope you don’t stay mad at it for long.

  8. I know what you mean! I like your dress and they whole look very much.

  9. It looks beautiful! I’m working on the same pattern right now and the collar is making me so crazy! I can’t figure out where I went wrong but it is just so funny… Great job though :)

  10. I nearly made that look. It’s awesome to see how it turned out on you. Love how you bought the exact accessories Mena referenced. The belt and shoes will work with so many other things.

  11. Oh, this is lovely! IT looks super fab and the belt and shoes are HAWT! Well done with sticking with this!

  12. I love this dress – It looks great with the belt too. Well done with finishing the dress when it was so frustrating, I know how hard that can be!