Hot! the “I need a blouse this instant” blouse

Hi! My name is Birgitte, and I live in Bergen, Norway. My blog is called indigorchid, and I’ve been sewing since I was a kid (mom-who-sews-syndrome!). After years of rectangles and elastics and sometimes oddly fitting things, I took a fashion design degree and spent 3 years learning about sewing and patternmaking, and of course – I did some sewing and patternmaking too!

I sometimes over-plan my projects to the point of taking forever to start them, and The Sew Weekly Challenge should help me get started, and finish garments of course, instead of letting things sit in a pile! I love the process of sewing – of cutting out the pattern, making pretty seam-finishes, and having things look neat and tidy on the inside. I love turning garments inside out when it’s all done! Not so crazy about? When it just doesn’t work out. If the fit is wonky, or the fabric was a not so stellar choice, if the hem is too long…  Luckily a lot of “mistakes” are salvageable.

After all the school-project sewing I’ve done the past several years, it’s time to focus on clothes for me! I’m so looking forward to filling my wardrobe with more things I’ve made, and enjoyed making! My biggest non-sewing goal is to get my bike in shape so I can bike around with the wind in my hair and songs in my head (while wearing a helmet of course. Helmets are about as cool as you can get).

I really enjoy reading Elegant Musings, Sewaholic, and SpotOn: Textiles.



Birgitte likes to make stuff, and making clothes more than anything. She lives in Bergen, Norway, has an old orange bicycle, and a pile of fabric to transform.


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  1. Hey Birgitte! I like your blouse.

  2. SW is a UFO slayer! but now you’ll have to make a sassy helmet cover for one of the challenges…