Hot! The “Hello, Sew Weekly! Bombshell” Dress

My fave dress of 2011, the Bombshell Dress

Name & Location: Adriana (adriprints) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Blog: Adri Makes a Thing or Two
How long have you been sewing: I started sewing as a child alongside my grandmas, making dolls and their clothing.  I’ve been sewing seriously on and off since then.  In total, I’ve been sewing (pulling needle and thread through fabric) for over 20 years, but I’ve only been sewing things I’d actually show to the public for the last 6 or 7 years.
Why did you want to commit to The Sew Weekly Challenge:  Joining the Sew Weekly Challenge is a motivator to inspire me to finish projects regularly and whittle down my fabric stash.  The community of The Sew Weekly is also a really great international group. I love looking through the project albums!
What do you love most about sewing garments:  What I love most about sewing is finishing garments and wearing something unique that really fits my shape.
What do you hate most about sewing garments:  I hate it when I think I know more than the instructions of a pattern, but I don’t.  ((shaking my head))  Sewing sometimes brings the hubris out of me, and that’s when I share some long moments with my seam ripper.
What do you want to accomplish this year with regard to the challenge:  I’d like to make a pair of trousers that fits, and also a jacket with a full lining.
Your biggest non-sewing goal of 2012:  I’d like to finish a few font families I’ve had in the works for years.  I have a few fonts already published, but these have been hibernating too long!  These need to be set free soon.
What are your favorite sewing/fashion blogs:  I follow a few sewing/fashion blogs and my favorites include: Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing, Oonaballoona‘s Blog, Print&Pattern (really more about surface design than fashion or sewing), and of course The Sew Weekly!

bathtub bombshell dress

My favorite dress in 2011 was the dress I did as a sew-along with a good friend of mine in Munich.  She convinced me to do a Craftsy course with her led by Gretchen Hirsch of Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing.  I love the result and hope to wear it again and again (including when I’m cleaning the house)!

The Facts

Fabric: Dark Blue cotton for outer fabric (2 yds), grey acetate(?) skirt lining (2 yds), grey cotton blend lining for bodice (1/2 yd).
Pattern: #122A Bustier Dress w/Draped Detail, 05/2011 Issue of Burda Style Magazine
Year: 2011
Notions: spiral steel boning, boning casing, zipper, bias tape, cotton batting, buttons, vintage belt clasp.
Time to complete: about 2 months
First worn: New Year’s Eve 2011
Wear again? Yes

Total price: about 40 Euros (I purchased double the notions and fabric just in case)

Brooch Detail



Adriprints is an illustrator and designer by trade; a knitter, crocheter, and pseudo-seamstress by craft. You can find her work in typo-phile calendars, online knitting mags, and on random people's business cards, greeting cards, and websites. She currently lives in Munich.


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  1. Awesome photo! I love the color too. I signed up for this course and still haven’t printed out the pattern pieces. Must get on it in 2012!

  2. I love everything about this dress–shape, color, notions…

  3. Oh Goodness! This is beautiful!! Fantastic job and the colour is beautiful on you!

  4. Wow, I love this bombshell-dress! I’m about to start my own, but wow!

  5. there is nothing about this post–the photo, the garment–that i do not love! looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  6. Thank you! I look forward to sewing more in 2012!

  7. Beautiful! I absolutely love the sparkly details at the hip. You’re totally rocking the bombshell!

  8. :)teehee!
    this shot never fails. you gotta love a bombshell in a bathtub.

  9. Oh she is perfect, and you have added new meaning to bombshell in a bathtub. So much fun.

  10. I have never, ever in my life looked that good wearing rubber gloves. Amazing. Pure awesome.