Hot! The ‘Go Your Own Way’ Dress


The Facts
Fabric: Georgette
Pattern: Vogue 1435 American designer original
Year: Circa 1970’s
Notions: Zip, beads and scrap booking tacks
Time to complete:
First worn: The day I made it, I was swanning about the house singing Fleetwood Mac songs.
Wear again? For sure

Total price: With my Facebook $10 Spotlight voucher the fabric was free at $3 a metre, 3m needed all up, thrifted zip, tacks and beads all up, $7. | Made this look For this challenge I’m going with the maxi dress look! I’m really not too fond of the name maxi when it comes to clothes it sounds like a female hygiene product. Hey! I’m wearing a Maxi dress for maximum protection, hmm, they really should give it a more appealing name don’t you think?. The last time I wore a long dress I was attempting to summon up the positive vibes from some ancient pagan goddess dancing and chanting around a campfire somewhere in the back of the Australian bush but it was more your velvet and floaty lace kind of dress, you know the look. Yep that was a long long time ago. | Made this look

This dress was a breeze to make, Leo Narducci’s design approach to natural dresses is understated and effective says the pattern, after swanning about Melbourne’s ‘The Shrine of Remembrance‘ and the Royal Botanical Gardens in her I would very much agree with this statement. Those stairs behind me reminded me of the scene in Rocky, of course I did my best victory dance when I reached the top. | Made this lookNow that I’m standing up against these majestic looking doors which very much gives this dress an ethnic look, I can tell you a bit more about the construction side of things. The low scoop on the front of this dress, I feel, is only for the ladies with smaller lady-bumps, of course you could squeeze into it with larger lady-bumps but i’m afraid you could come out the other end looking like Snooki and if that is your thing, good for you. I think this dress is flattering for lady-bumps of my size. The zip is centred just below the bodice behind the beaded hanging ties, I like this idea very much. | Made this look

On my shopping trip to Spotlight I passed the scrap booking section and spied these metal tacks and thought why not, after I spent a good hour applying them with the long-nose pliers, I thought it best to line the whole bodice to avoid any sort of irritation to the lady-bumps. The draw-string travels through a buttonhole at the front and comes out at the side seam, travels around the back making it’s way back into the side seam and out through the other buttonhole meeting up centre front. The pattern has different instructions for this because there is no lining involved. I’m yet to see if the tacks work out after a machine wash on delicate. I wonder if they will rust and spoil the fabric. Time will tell I guess. | Made this lookHere is the dress amongst this gorgeous bamboo forest in the Royal Botanical Garden, this is my favourite photo because the pattern on the dress looks like bamboo leaves and I look like I’m on some tropical island when really I’m only half an hour from home. So, even if this pattern didn’t have pockets I would of placed them in anyway because I love a dress with pockets as you’ve probably gathered from last weeks sari dress post. Also I’m wearing a slip underneath because in certain light you can see through it. If I wore it to the beach I would omit the slip. | Made this look

…and here is the dress standing next to this gorgeous lake at the Botanical Gardens where the lilies were just starting to open their smiley little faces, the sun is in my eyes and I have a wicked squint on but you can see the dress in full sunlight which is nice. So yes, my ‘Made this Look’ is all about the Maxi dress, I hope you like it, I can’t wait to see yours.



Eclectic, fun loving seamstress sewing to the beat of her own drum.


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  1. Wow! The dress is gorgeous!!! I love the metal tacks that you put on – and that you protected the lady bumps from them. haha Beautiful dress and beautiful pictures! That’s a truly gorgeous setting!

  2. you are owning that dress something fierce!

  3. Stellar photos. That botanical garden is breathtaking. Brilliant idea using scrapbook supplies. I do some papercrafting and never considered using those supplies in my garments. Wheels are turning now.

  4. Love the dress …. named after one of my fav Fleetwood Mac songs! I SO need a dash of your creative talents!!

  5. Fantastic dress! Those tacks were a great idea. What beautiful photos too! I’m a bit envious that you have such lovely locations so close to home.

  6. I love this dress. Wicca me crazy. I just bought two Maxi Dress pattern online yesterday. The Picts came out great.

  7. You are so amazing. These photos of your are phenomenal, and I LOVE your dress. Your style is terrific and I love how you embrace colors and patterns – it makes my heart happy.

  8. I love this outfit and the photoshoot is amazing!

  9. I’ve had Fleetwood Mac going through my head since I spotted the title of this dress. Been a while since I’ve thought of Fleetwood Mac songs….

    Gorgeous dress (as always!). :-)

  10. Kazz, you are a fashion superhero, seriously, pulling off such a maxi Maxi. Love it, love the photos.

  11. I love the dress and am looking at your pictures dreaming of less snow and more sun!

  12. As much as I would love to replicate you fab maxi dress, I’m afraid you are very right about the smaller lady-lumps… This dress would have mine trying to bust free. lol

  13. I enjoy they way you have shown off so much of Melbourne and in doing so have shown off your dress beautifully.

  14. That fabric makes me think of a phoenix. I’m someone who could never wear that neckline. They would escape.

  15. Kazz, these photos are amazing! What great locations. Love the Leo – have a pattern of his in my stash I believe. That dress looks really comfey and clever work with the brads – have you done a wash test? I would hate it if they rusted in the wash. or tore it. T x

  16. Love it. The fabric you chose is beautiful.

  17. Fabulous! I love the picture of you against the doors, everything just pops. I agree about the name of maxi’s, it’s such an unappealing name. Anyway, super cute!

  18. Looks so majestic at the bottom of those stairs. Great colours!

  19. Simply stunning! This looks like a great summer frock and I totes have to agree with you on the phrase “maxi dress”. It’s just kind of….odd…

  20. This is pretty freakin’ perfect! You look amazing in your amazing dress made of amazing fabric!

  21. The fabric and this pattern go so well together. You’re a knockout as always Kazz. Fab choices.

  22. Thank you all so very much for all of your wonderful comments on this dress, your generous words are always appreciated.