Hot! The “Foil Printed Tweed” Skirt

The Facts

Fabric: 1 yard wool-blend gun check suiting, $6 and 1.25 yards Bemberg lining, $6, each from JoAnn’s
Pattern: Simplicity 2154, $1.99
Year: 2011 (1960’s retro pattern)
Notions: invisible zipper, $1 from Hancock, ~1 yard (tea-dyed) lace, from stash; 5 yards bias tape, from stash
Time to complete: ~2 days
First worn: Monday, to the State Capital building and dinner
Wear again? Yes!
Total cost: ~15

For this week’s challenege, I had originally selected a sundress from the “Make This Look” feature and intended to copy it exactly. However, last year I had something of an addiction to making sundresses so, with the “Down Under” theme scheduled for next week, I decided I really shouldn’t make two so early in the year.

Lucky for me, much of what I make is inspired by a piece I’ve seen elsewhere so, I had plenty of items in my queue from which to choose. (And after a bit of a burnout last week, I went with one of the easier ones.)

My inspiration for this skirt originially came from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Yes, everyone loves the long, black Givenchy from the opening but, I also really loved the polo/pencil skirt combo Holly wore to the bar – simple, understated, and classic.

Talbot's "Foil-Printed Tweed" Pencil Skirt

Unable to find a match for the movie fabric, I searched retail websites and Pintrest for alternatives and saved dozens of pictures. Fabric is limited here but I was sure I could find a suitable likeness for one of them. I felt rather fortunate to stumble upon this 70% natural blend at JoAnn’s, which, with its subtle gold weave, rather resembled the Talbot’s Foil-printed Tweed Pencil Skirt (from a distance anyway). I didn’t hestitate in snatching up a yard.

When I started cutting it though, I realized I should have looked at it more closely. I’m fairly convinced JoAnn’s managed to sell me a plaid burlap! It’s loosely woven and frayed badly. It proved a bit difficult at first but, in being so, resulted in a more polished product, complete with lace-trimmed Bemberg lining, bound seams, and a taped/catch-stitched hem. I bet the original didn’t have all that! It’s all so neat and pretty that I’m really much more pleased with the skirt than I expected!

Did I mention it’s comfortable!? That certainly makes me a happy girl!



Jennifer took up sewing in 2008 as a new hobby after a move. Now, with endless ideas running through her head, she's making an effort to fill hers and her fiance's closets with custom clothing.


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  1. How funny: I just took photos today at our state capitol building for the next three challenges! And Michigan and Arkansas both turn 175 this year (admitted as sister states in 1837). Too funny. I love this classic style skirt.

    • Thanks, Erin! That is funny! They do make decent backdrops, don’t they? I had no idea this was a big anniversary for the state (we’ve only been here a couple of years). Looking forward to seeing your pictures at the sister capital!

  2. I am amused that you took greater care because you felt that the fabric was not as good as you had anticipated, but that actually you have ended up with a much better garment because of this. I do like this skirt, elegantly simply and simply elegant.

    • Thank you, Jen! I don’t think I’ve ever put so much hand work into, what is realistically, a muslin; but, I was certain the whole thing would tear to shreds if I didn’t bind it. Then, I just got carried away! Now, my nicer fabrics will have to be handled similarly so as to live up to this one!

  3. You did a fantastic job! It looks so perfect!

  4. Beautiful skirt. Can’t go wrong with a classics.

  5. It’s gorgeous! And, I love the top. Did you make it? If so, is it from the same pattern? A good bow blouse gets me every time…

    • Aw, thank you, Amy! Actually, the top is a sheer bow blouse under a wool sweater, both rtw. Silly me, I forgot there was a bow blouse included with this pattern until I pulled these from my closet! I’ll definitely make that one in the future though. Im quite the sucker for them too :-)

  6. Love that it’s so neat – bet you’ll have it forever.

  7. Plaid burlap! Hilarious. Gor-juss fit on that skirt. The Battle of the Burlap was a success.

  8. Thank you very much, Najah!

  9. Looks fab on you and just like the picture.

  10. This is so classic and lovely! Great with the red shoes!