Hot! The “Flowy Flowered Crepe Dress”

Hello Sew Weekly! Since there’s been such a barrage of new contributors’ introductions this week, I’ll try to keep things short and sweet.

crepe dress, front

The Facts

Fabric: vintage polyester crepe $10 plus postage, polyester satin underlining, $10?
Pattern: Colette Pattern 1013- Crepe Dress, $18
Year: 2010
Notions: embroidery thread, stash
Time to complete: unsure, a week? It was a crazy time, organizing a multi-day hiking trip and helping with a wedding. I’ve blocked out a lot.
First worn: May 14th for my brother’s wedding
Wear again?: Yes, once it’s warmer. Especially for dancing.
Total price: $30-40ish

I have to note that this dress was big for me this year, because I got to work with a border print and try out french seams for the first time. I also made side seams with the 1″ to play with, in case I need it bigger in the future and finally felt like I was getting the handle on SBAs. That made me feel all grown up and prepared.

twirling skirt

And THIS is why I need to wear it dancing.

Name & Location: Seeks Corey, Baltimore MD USA

Blog: The Seek Speak

How long have you been sewing: learned in middle school or so, have been very sporadic since. Took up sewing more seriously this year.

Why did you want to commit to The Sew Weekly Challenge: I have been amazed at the commitment of the community here at Sew Weekly, and would love to do more to contribute. I may not do every week, but I hope to do more regular contributions.

What do you love most about sewing garments: The formulation of the concept and the joy of creating something that’s all-me.

What do you hate most about sewing garments: The finishing details. I really am an idea girl first and foremost. I am always snagged at the end by the desire to complete it quickly, totally in conflict the garment’s need to be finished well.

What do you want to accomplish this year with regard to the challenge: At least monthly contributions, drawing mainly from, if not exclusively from, my stash.

Your biggest non-sewing goal of 2012: Eat better. I’ve got a pretty restrictive diet that I’ve lost track of since the holidays. And maybe stop getting myself so worked up about things.

What are your favorite sewing/fashion blogs: Oonaballoona (from Kalkatroona), My Happy Sewing Place, ReFashion Co-Op, The Sew WeeklyWe Sew Retro.



Seeks has been sewing on and off since she was in middle school, but has only started to seriously pursue the hobby since 2010. She has a hard time settling on any one pasttime, though, so she often can be found posting on food, art, sewing, and crafting.


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  1. I think I am in love with this dress! What fabulous fabric!

  2. Stunning twirling dress!

  3. Yep! Still love this dress.