Hot! The “Date Night” Skirt

Week 1 - Accessorize

 The Facts

Fabric – 1m of Blue Cotton Poplin from Spotlight = $5.99
– 1.5m of Blue Romance Rose Lace from Spotlight = $19.95
Pattern: Simplicity 2605
Year: 2009
Notions: 7″ zipper, thread & 1 hook & eye = $0.99
Time to complete: 3.75 hours
First worn: Sunday, 8th January 2012.
Wear again? Definitely! I am saving this for our next date night to wear out to dinner.
Total price: $26.93


Wittner Bow Heels

As soon as I read that this week’s garment had to be inspired by an accessory I knew what I was going to use as my inspiration. Corey bought me these shoes for Christmas a couple of years ago and I have never worn them.  They are so pretty that I wanted exactly the write thing to wear them with and nothing in my wardrobe fit.  When this challenge came up I asked myself “what do I see myself wearing these shoes with?”

Week 1 - accessorize

The answer was a lace pencil skirt!  I knew that a lace pencil skirt would be the sophisticated, glamorous item of clothing these shoes deserved.  I quickly chose a pattern from my stash and headed off to Spotlight.  Now, at first I was imagining a pale gray pencil skirt but when I saw this navy blue lace I knew right away it be perfect.  This skirt was a little tricky and I have never made anything with lace before but I am really happy with how it has turned out.  I can’t wait to wear this out. Now I have the perfect outfit all I need is the perfect place to wear it!



Kat Lane is a twenty something Gold Coast girl who just married the love of her life! She likes to sew, bake, knit and crochet. She loves anything vintage or retro inspired. Kat Lane loves to have a project on the go and can't stand sitting still unless it is to curl up with a good book.


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  1. That lace is sooooo pretty, great choice!

  2. THOSE SHOES! I adore them. Your skirt is fantastic and looks great paired with those amazing heels.

    • I know right!!! Corey bought them for me for Christmas 2 years ago and has been nagging me about never wearing them. Now I can!

  3. Great skirt! It’s a perfect fit too :)

  4. Eek! This is fabulous! I totally love the lace over the fabric and it goes with your fabulous shoes so well! I follow your blog so great to see you on here!

  5. Thank you! Your too kind.