Hot! The “Buttons Up Your Sleeve” Jacket

The Facts
Fabric: Heather gray sweatshirt fabric
Pattern: Self-drafted
Year: Current
Notions: Silver metal buttons
Time to complete: 12 hrs
First worn: January 15, 2012
Wear again? Yep!
Total price: This fabric is so old that I forgot how much it cost but with the buttons I’m going to guess about $10.

This jacket was originally inspired by a stylish friend’s heather knit jacket but it has since morphed into something else entirely.

The extra long cuffs along with extra buttons were made out of necessity. See, I had a bunch of this sweatshirt material deep in my stash but I had very few big sections. Luckily I also had a failed dress and a shirt that I had previously made with this fabric so with everything together I had enough to cut out all the necessary pieces.

I didn’t have any piece long enough for a full sleeve so I chopped off the quarter length sleeves from the old shirt and added these¬† long cuffs.

The body of the jacket itself has princess seams with sections at the bottom that have pockets hidden into the seam.

(I swear there’s a hand in that sleeve somewhere!)

Since the knit fabric was so bulky I couldn’t for the life of me get my automatic buttonhole foot to work! It ended up stretching the fabric instead of moving it so I had to use a regular foot and manually make all 8 buttonholes. After all that work I just made the buttons on the pockets decorative. ;)

The challenge of making do with my limited fabric combined with so many pieces and no real plan of action resulted in much hand sewing. I probably did more hand sewing on this jacket than any other garment I’ve made! Sewing this thing took up so much more time than was necessary. But, on the flip side, I feel like I’ve improved my hand sewing technique and I really like the finished project so I guess it was worth all the effort.

I like that it is just warm enough for the mild Texas winter but it’s nice enough to look more like a blazer a less like a sweatshirt.



Dixie is a crafter and creator at heart and recently sewing has really won her over. She loves the challenge of making patterns and sharing her skills and projects with other stitchers. Her goal this year is to create a more wearable and useful wardrobe that is still fun and stylish. Dixie lives in Austin, TX with her boyfriend and her neurotic cat, Peanut.


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  1. Oh I love the jacket! I’m so impressed that it’s self-drafted. Amazing job!

  2. Love this! It’s really cute and looks like something you’ll live in! Great job!

  3. Another purple haired lady! Cute top :)

  4. So comfy and stylish, and I love the little pocket!

  5. That looks really fab, I love the button sleeves and the flowy front.

  6. this is great! I love the comfort of a sweatshirt but this looks so much nicer than the usual slobby windcheater tops that are made. Must try something like this.

  7. You improvised yourself a great jacket. Excellent work!

  8. This looks super snuggly and cool. Loves it!

  9. You self-drafted that? talented lady alert!!! pockets hidden into the seam? b a n a n a s. Well done Dixie.

  10. Gorgeous, I love the design! Congrats on drafting the pattern yourself!

  11. Love the jacket! Great job!

  12. wow, thanks for the love everyone ;)

  13. The jacket looks cozy and comfortable – what a fabulous pattern you drafted! Well done!

  14. What a fabulous jacket – bravo for drafting the pattern yourself! It looks so comfy and cozy!

  15. It looks so comfy and cozy! Well done on drafting the pattern!