Hot! The “Brazilian Carnival” dress


Inspiration: Brazilian Carnival.
Carnival (Carnaval in Portuguese) is celebrated all over Brazil ,officially for 4 days of wild fun but the reality that it takes 2 weeks or more. Most Brazilian take holidays during this season {summer} and Carnival parties are the peak of the celebrations that sums up our culture. Carnival festivities dates back as far as 1723. We also enjoy going to the beach and outdoor sports so our wardrobe is full of floaty cooling clothes and colour.

The Facts


Fabric: I don’t know for sure, feel like cotton and stretch a little. Its quite thin and not suitable for the Uk weather. I got it because I liked the very soft feel on the skin.It’s also very nautical looking and there is always a nautical trend during spring/summer. The red are hibiscus flowers.

The Pattern: I drafted a basic body block and joined with my basic pencil skirt, cut a boat neckline and used pleas and tucks to shape close to the body by draping the fabric and shaping it direct on my body.The sleeves were from the Colette Taffy blouse as they are perfect for their floaty and fun shape as it just makes me want to dance and move. The sleeve shape is also great to hide not-so-toned arms.

Year: Contemporary

Notions: none

Time to complete: 3 hours

First worn: January 2012 only for the photos… Its cold outside !

Wear again? Yes, will fit perfectly for the Brazilian weather or on holiday to wear as a bikini cover.

Total Cost: ~£10 { $15 or R$27}

Did you use any new skills? Draping. Not sure I did if right but I liked the process and result.

What wardrobe gap does this fill?  Unfortunately the UK summer doesn’t really call for such cooling dress and I feel it can be only used on a beach holiday or at my hometown. I think my mom will steal these dress for sure!

“Bom Carnaval” { Happy Carnival}


House of Pinheiro

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  1. I absolutely love it!! Great use of the Taffy sleeves too!!

  2. Beautiful dress! I think you did a fantastic job at the draping and the franken-pattern. I’m jealous of everyone making these gorgeous garments without patterns. Great work!

  3. This is fantastic! Beautiful, easy style. :) Effortlessly chic, love it.

  4. I like that style and print! Thanks for sharing about carnival. I used to live in a country that celebrated carnival in February. It’s a big deal! Boy, does everyone get dressed up and party or what? You look like your are beautifully ready. Enjoy!

  5. This is just amazing! It is so simple but so it’s also not (if that makes any sense?)… The taffy sleeves just add something special. Well done!

  6. Looks great on you – hope you gert to wear it somewhere warm soon.

  7. I have added a sketch of the dress on the community page.

  8. Love this! Simple and chic!

  9. I really love this dress! You look very beautiful and if our mom does steal it she’s a lucky lady!

  10. Theft of your garments has to be the most flattering of compliments! lol Lovely dress, that fabric is gorgeous.

  11. Absolutely beautiful..Looks fantastic on you and
    You did a great job draping.. Love the sleeves too.

  12. Thanks Judy, taffy sleeves are my favourite as they are easy to sew and great for many ages and body times. I’m sold. Xx

  13. Gorgeous, and self drafted! I am very impressed.