Hot! “The Blue for Mustard’ Dress

The Facts

Fabric: Blue mystery fabric. The local Malaysian fabric stores fondly calls this kind of fabric ‘The Yellow Line’. It has sheen to it, medium weight, and the salesperson said it’s for making trousers.  Most probably polyester. Good buy at RM8.80/USD2.75 per yard, 1.75 yards required. I meant to use it to make wearable muslins as it’s half the price of viscose fabric.
Pattern: New Look 6909
Year: 2011
Notions: Basic Zipper, Hook & Eye, Interfacing
Time to complete: I didn’t really count.  Most probably at least 15 hours  (not including cutting pattern and fabric, I take another average 2 hours to do that). (Errata: The 4.5 hours to complete mentioned in my favourite 2011 dress was a typo (I just realized), I usually take at least 10 hours to complete a dress.  The 4.5 hours was the talented Adey’s record as I was referencing the same pattern she made earlier)
First worn: Today, 8 Jan 2012 in my garage as the weekend and the garage is when and where the hubby will take my photos
Wear again? Yes! To work tomorrow morning (Monday). Hopefully the blue dress doesn’t add on the Monday blues!

Total Cost (including pattern): Approximately RM30/USD9.30


The second challenge theme for 2012, Accessories that Inspire! To my family and friends who know me well, I am a no frills, non-accessory person who almost likes to wear the same style and weekend outfits as it is always a rush to dress to go out on weekends after getting my 2.5 year-old Little Terror ready. Actually in nature I am also very lazy in primping up myself! :).   I make more effort for my workplace outfits though as the job calls for it.  This is a really interesting challenge as it reminded me that I have a new mustard bag that I bought during the last week of 2011 that I have yet to use.  The zipper and the mustard colour really called out to me………. actually I saw the 70% off sign first.  Malaysian readers, it’s a VOIR bag by the way, nett of discount it was RM34.50 / USD10.70.  I have never worn mustard before, it’s a first! I used to be really wary of this colour but I think now it’s rather becoming!

Actually I sort of cheated. I have already cut out the pattern and fabric 3 days before Mena announced the challenge theme last Wednesday.  So I was off to find an accessory to match the dress I was making. Well, it’s a chicken and egg question, the dress came first or the accessory? :)  The blue is a nice contrast to the mustard!

Alright, do I pass for a bag model? Have I enticed you to buy a mustard bag yet? :)

Hey, the dress is still the main focus here! Some obligatory shots without the bag. I attempted a hand pricked lapped zipper but I think it wasn’t that successful as you can see some whites from the zipper.  I learned to make a skirt vent via making this dress.

Pattern Notes: I cut a size 10 for the pattern but I sewed a 1cm seam allowance on the sides instead of the usual 1.5cm, as I am smaller on the top but pear shaped on the bottom.  The fit on this dress was quite spot on for me, it’s quite flattering.  I also adore the cute collars and bow.  The puffed sleeves are awfully cute too.  The pockets placement are also quite elegant.  I interfaced the bow as someone rightly pointed out in Sewing Pattern that the bow will be floppy without interfacing (thank you for mentioning that!).  I omitted the collar facings in favour of fully lining the dress.  The hems were done without the aid of a special blind hem foot, you have to check out this great tutorial if you are not aware a blind hem can be done without a special sewing machine foot. I used to hand stitch my hems but I find this method alleviates the bumps/bubbles problem on the hem.

Happy Sewing!



Sertyan is a full time working mother from Malaysia with a 2.5 year old daughter (fondly nicknamed 'Little Terror'). She started sewing for Little Terror 1.5 years ago and she was hooked on making clothes ever since. All she thinks about constantly is sewing! She has started to sew for herself in the last 6 months. Before making human clothes, she used to sew for her Japanese dolls. You can see all her sewing creations at


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  1. Wow! What a gorgeous pop of color, I bet you’re a sight for bored eyes when you come walking down the street. In the best way possible. (I always admire people with the confidence to wear bold colors.)

    I mean…

    WOW! Love it.

    • Thank you Steph! Actually this blue and mustard colours are all new colours to me too, I never wear such bold colours. The blue fabric was actually meant for making wearable muslins! But now I kind of like the bold colours on this ensemble.

  2. I love this! I’ve been eyeballing this pattern for awhile now (Mr. Retro–what I call my boyfriend over on my blog–says “save your pennies”) and this is absolutely beautiful! I love the little bow on the neck and the pockets. Beautiful choice of fabric, as well. And your lining! Oh, you’re lining!

    • Hi Tina!
      Thank you for your lovely comment! You will have to get this pattern as the fit is very good and I am planning to make other views in this pattern.

  3. What a gorgeous blue dress with a splendid lining. Love the neckline and sleeves, they add such cuteness to the dress! And it is perfect with the bag:)

    • Thank you so much Adey! You know, I am having withdrawal symptoms not seeing your Contributor Creation in SW since 2012 started! :) You are a big source of my inspiration. I think you must be busy sewing Lunar New Year outfits now. I am really looking forward to your next dress.

  4. i love a mustard bag, and this color is a great complement! i had a great mustard bucket bag that sadly didn’t last too long because it was vinyl …

  5. I have that pattern! Wow, if it looks that great, I’ll have to make it soon. It really looks nice on you. Do you always line everything? Is there a trick to that? It’s just adorable. Thanks so much for sharing the machine hem tutorial. I went right to it and read the whole thing. I’m going to try it for sure.
    Happy Sewing this year!

    • Hi Barbara!

      This is a great pattern to build a wardrobe of dresses with good fit if you like dresses. The fit is good on the pattern. Since I started lining my first dress (the instructions were provided in the pattern) I was hooked. So far I have lined 4 dresses. You can see them here:

      Lined dresses hang better, feel more luxurious and store bought. You will feel you want to wear it often and will favour it over unlined dresses!
      I slip stitch by hand the closings of lining but Colette handbook has some simple instructions to do it via sewing machine, but I have yet to try that.

      The machine hem tutorial is great! I thought I found a sewing revelation the other day when I tried it. It is easy and produces great results.

  6. Sertyan, you look really good in strong colors and this one is a real beauty! I love all your details and thoughtful sewing. This is the perfect style on you and your purse is the perfect pop! So well done!

  7. Love the bag, love the dress! Really perfect pairing!

  8. This is just wonderful! I love the bright colours and it makes your mustard bag look awesome!

  9. I love this dress! I would never have realised now cute this pattern is without seeing your version. I too, love the bow and the little puffed sleeves, the blue does go so well with the mustard, mustard is quite versatile I have actually found.

  10. I love blue and mustard together, you look great in these colours. The lining and work you have put into your dress is amazing, you look a million dollars, your boss should give you a raise hehe.

  11. Smashing!!! I love complimentary color combos to no end. Mustard doesn’t look great on me, so I save it for little pops here & there.

  12. Love the blue and mustard combo! The bow and pockets really make the dress special. Great job on the lining — it looks equally good inside and out!