Hot! The “Baby it’s Cold Outside!” Bathing Suit

I hate to start this post by complaining about the weather again. It’s cold outside and and the cold always makes me feel “fashion challenged”. Getting dressed in the morning doesn’t make sense sometimes. I throw on my coat, run about a thousand errands, and never take it off. This week’s challenge helped me to remember that the snow is only temporary. It will get warm again! It will!

Pattern: Vintage McCall’s Misses Bathing Suit
Fabric: 1yd lightweight stretch denim $4.99, 1/8 yd glittery leopard print fabric     $10.99/yd. for the lining (for my inner Victoria’s Secret swimsuit model)
Notions: 4 -3/4″ buttons with anchor print $3.20

Total price: about $12.00


The thought of showing up in a bathing suit anywhere but in family photos almost made me pick another project for this challenge. I’m glad I didn’t though-I really like the way it turned out. I changed the pattern quite a bit for better shape and fit and to add some visual interest. The cups for the top were originally one piece and pointy. I traced the pattern piece onto some paper, brought the dart in on both sides by an inch, then used my Styling Design ruler to help me work the curve from the middle of the dart at the bottom to the point at the top where you attach the straps and cut it to make two pieces. I then made a sample with similar fabric from my stash. I tried the top on inside out and adjusted the fit for my final pattern.I decided to line the top with this fun leopard print instead of tricot. It’s like the girl next door on the outside and Victoria’s Secret supermodel on the inside. At first I wanted the top to button down the front but in the end it worked out better to have it fasten in the back and add the buttons as a decorative piece in front. I love hardware on clothing like zippers, studs, and snaps so instead of buttons on the back I added 2 snaps. I also decided to make it as a halter instead of attaching the straps in the back. Shows off my shoulders better.

The bottoms were enormous! I should have taken a picture of them before I reworked them. the waistline went above the bellybutton. I cut each front piece in two at the dart and brought it in an inch then topstitched the seams. I took the waist down by at least 4 inches and brought the sides and back inseam in by about 1/4″ to 1/2″ all around. The original pattern called for a small piece of elastic to be sewn along the back of each leg opening but I thought it would be better to have the elastic go all the way around and also added it to the waistband instead of the side zipper. The last change I made was adding a small pocket in back. Sorry the picture is so small-don’t  feel like showing a large picture of my bum.

After having no luck finding an indoor pool to take some pictures I decided to brave the cold and take them at the beach. All for you my dear ladies at Sew Weekly. All for you and no one else!

I can’t wait to see what this week’s challenge has inspired you to make!










Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. This is fabulous! I wish I had the guts to make a bathing suit. Gina, you rock!

  2. I love it. This year, my tough goals are pants and a coat, maybe next year, I can be brave enough to try a bathing suit.

  3. Those anchor buttons are adorable! Seriously great job working with a vintage pattern AND a bathing suit no less!

  4. So cute! I love the swimsuit! And thanks for braving the weather for us – the pics are great!

  5. Really, really, really fantastic!

  6. That suit is supercalifragilistic! And you braved the cold, that’s wonderful! Nice tats, too.

  7. Thanks to everyone for your kind words! I LOVE being a part of this community!

  8. adorable! i’m almost jealous of the times before lycra when you could make a bathing suit out of non-stretch!

  9. So cute! And the teeny pockets? Freaking adorable! Love it!

  10. That’s a really really cute bikini! Love the details.

  11. OMG LOVE and you look great!

  12. Is that SNOW on the ground?! You rock!

  13. OMG, you braved the cold. It was worth it. The suit is gorgeous!

  14. Holy @#$%! Love it! (And must acquire one of these magic rulers of which you speak. . .)

  15. I want one! It’s so cute and fits you so wonderfully. Great fabric choice too.

  16. P E R F E C T I O N, I freakin love this, perfect cut, perfect fabric, buttons and lining and great fun photos. She’s a winner!

  17. Absolutely cool! in more ways than one. The lining is divine.

  18. These are fabulous!! I love that the bottoms have..umm.. bum darts. tee hee.

  19. way to be fabulous in the winter, you got that top AND bottom fitting really well.

  20. This is really cute! Great job!

  21. This is so fantastic!!! I love all the detailing, the lining, and the fabulous denim fabric you used. It’s perfect. Well done!

  22. This is AWESOME! It is Oh so cute! Love that lining, the details and it looks perfect on you!

  23. Seems like everyone likes it!! Me included. The design is so becoming and the navy blue is so nice! Great job!

  24. Fantastic bathing suit! Love the little back pocket detail.

  25. They are awesome, and you look great. I especially love the snow outside. Brrrr it make me cold just looking. I love that you used denim for something different and the leopard inside is spectacular

  26. This is so cool! Love the leopard lining, and I am totally in awe of you posing outside in the snow. Have you no pain receptors?

  27. Thanks again to everyone for your comments! Very encouraging-