Hot! The “Asola” skirt

The Facts
⁃ Fabric: wool suiting, from my stash
⁃ Pattern: Victory PatternsMadeleine
⁃ Year: 2011
⁃ Notions: zipper, 2 plain buttons, 3 decorative buttons
⁃ Time to complete: an afternoon
⁃ First worn: January 15, 2012
⁃ Wear again? Yup! But definitely with a slip, because the fabric clings like crazy to my tights
⁃ Total price: about 5 euros for notions


Where should I start?


The buttons: I have this nice tradition with my mum, on Saturday mornings we go to the local market and we always stop at a stall that sells haberdashery. There is a huge selection of vintage (or vintage looking) buttons at 1.60 euros a pack of three or four. Needless to say, we love that stall and we are probably the best clients they have.
For this skirt, I found some big mustard plastic buttons that work perfectly with the mustard topstitching of the skirt. There are three decorative buttons (2 on the front for the suspenders, 1 in the back to close the waistband) and two more flat buttons on the inside for the suspenders. I love that the patterns includes multiple buttonholes, so that the suspenders are adjustable (see last photo).

The pattern: For this skirt I used the Madeleine skirt pattern and shortened it significantly. I loved the design of the skirt, especially the suspenders and the over sized pockets but I knew tea length wasn’t going to fly on a short girl like me. So I shortened the pattern 10 cm. When it was time to hem, I chopped off at least 5 more cm, so I ended up with a mini skirt. I think the pockets are a bit unbalanced, now. If you’re going to shorten the skirt so much, my advice would be to resize the pocket pattern piece (75% might work) for a more proportioned look. Also, use topstitching thread for topstitching, not regular thread (ahem, like I did) or it won’t be noticeable.
When I finished this skirt, I wasn’t very pleased with the result, but after playing a bit with it and styling it, I really like it!

I strongly recommend the pattern, by the way, the instructions are GREAT. If you want to learn more about Victory Patterns, I have an interview with lovely Kristiann on my blog.

p.s. If you’re curious, “Asola” means “buttonhole” in Italian ^_^



Paunnet is actually Anna, an Italian girl who thinks that sewing is the best thing in the world. In 2011, she started a blog to document her sewing adventures.


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  1. wow, darling skirt! well done.

  2. Super cute! I didn’t really like this pattern when I first saw it, but it’s adorable in this shorter length! I really like the gold topstitching, too.

  3. So pretty! The more I see that pattern, the more I want to make it. And I love that you and your mom have that wonderful tradition.

  4. Wow! Super cute! Good job Anna.

  5. Thanks for your opinion on the Victory patterns. I am so tempted by them, and was wondering what the instruction was like. I love your skirt mod – I too am short and was wondering how it would look with less length.

  6. I love the pockets and I wouldn’t resize them if I were to make it shorter, it looks like a cool design panel instead of pockets. I was also on the fence for this pattern, but I LOVE how yours turned out! Great Job!!

    • Thank you so much! I guess it’s a matter of personal taste with the pockets. I don’t mind them that big, but I’m curious to see how they would look smaller.

  7. This looks so good Anna! I love the short version, and your advice for the pocket reduction is perfect. That would definitely help to balance the proportion. I’m so glad you that you like the pattern and you made it work for you. Also, beautiful pictures!

    Also, advice on creating a more visible top stitch: Along with using topstitch thread, I used a double stitch feature on my machine. It is a straight stitch that repeats the stitch a second time in the same position. If by chance you have this on your machine, you can use it to make your stitch more visible.

    • Thank you so much, Kristiann! You really did a great job with both the pattern and the instructions, it’s a pleasure to sew with them.
      I read a few days ago on Sewaholic about the triple stitch feature on the sewing machine. If only I had known sooner! It’s one of those things I read on the instructions manual and forgot 5 minutes later…

  8. Very nice. Did you make your shirt as well? Works perfectly together. And what lovely photos.

    • Thank you! The blouse is RTW, I bought it on sale although it was huge because I loved the pussy bow and the pattern, so I altered it to fit and now I love it :)

  9. Really cute style, great job!

  10. Okay, I’m totally in love with all of this – I think the huge pockets are fantastic, I think your shirt choice is genius, and your pictures are so soft and lovely. All around outstanding job! I am putting this pattern in my to-do queue right now!

  11. I really like this! I’m terrified of top stitching… the slightest bit of an uneven stitch would drive me mad!

  12. It looks adorable. The buttons are such a great touch. I’ve this pattern and am looking forward to making it even more now!

  13. Gorgeous skirt and beautiful photos bella, well done!

  14. Agree with above, beautiful skirt and photos, ciao bella!

  15. I love the Madeleine skirt. Yours turned out wonderfully!

  16. I do like the curve of the pockets and the fabric that you have used. Lovely styling too.

  17. Wow i love it! Makes me want to get out my similar pattern. Great job!

  18. I agree, your skirt is adorable. I love the pocket design and the shorter length. I’ll keep your top stitch thread suggestion in mind. It can be a disappointment when all your top stitching doesn’t stand out enough. Your blog post was fun to read.

    • Thanks! Also, take a look at Kristiann’s comment above and at Tasia’s post on Sewaholic from a few days ago on triple stitch. I wish I had read it sooner!

  19. Beautiful! I’m inspired to sew one:)

  20. So dang cute! I really liked the Madeleine skirt but had a similar height/length concern as you. It looks great short!

  21. Oh wow I absolutely love your skirt, I am inspired to sew one too. Great to hear that Victory patterns instructions are great. I love all of her patterns, fab interview too.

  22. This is gorgoues! And the mustard colour really pops :D

  23. So pretty! I actually like the super large looking pockets, they are even more of a feature on a shorter skirt. I have never used Victory patterns but might give them a try. Your photos are gorgeous by the way!

  24. Great outfit – very cute.

  25. Lovely skirt!!! And the mustard buttons are perfect for a personal twist :D
    Great job!

  26. I love it! I’ve been seeing you all over the interwebs, too (Your blog, here, Burda…).

    I just found out about victory patterns a few weeks ago and I love their patterns and this skirt is definitely on my list of patterns to buy. I love your mustard buttons and the feminine blouse and hair-bun is icing on the cake. :)

    Congrats on being featured!

  27. Your version is simply stunning. I love the length you chose and the yellow buttons you used. The whole piece is marvelous – I’m sure you will get so much use out of it! (And I definitely think I’ll need to buy this pattern now ;) )

  28. I really want to make this pattern. I think it would look awesome in red with white top stitching detail!

  29. Thanks for introducing me to these patterns- already lining up what to do next!