Hot! The “Almost Got It” Blouse

In last week’s post I wrote about a blouse gone wrong and had to make some cute little shorts at the last minute. Well this is the blouse. It’s still not perfect but I got closer this time.

I used McCall’s pattern M6512 look A and made it out of black chiffon (my first time working with this fabric). The chiffon was $3.99 a yd. and I needed about 2 yds. I also purchased two bags of buttons for $1 a piece and a yard of black interfacing for $3.25. Throw in some tax and round it out to about $16. With hand sewing and cutting and altering I would say it took me at least 10hrs. to complete.

Before I can even start sewing I need to make alterations to a top on the bodice and the sleeve. The arm scythe and bust points are always too high so I add an extra inch and a half. This pattern was tricky because the back yoke and sleeve were one piece. The first alteration I made added an inch and a half to the circumference of the sleeve in the back and another inch and a half in the front. That’s a pretty wide sleeve for a blouse that’s supposed to fit loosely already. I realized that I had made the alteration in the wrong place and had to patch it up and pin the entire pattern together to see where to make the alteration. I know the picture looks crazy- it looks crazier in real life. I am going to admit that I did not really know what I was doing. I ended up adding a lot of paper to the sleeve opening because I was scared that I wouldn’t have enough fabric there to make a sleeve and I figured it would be better to have too much and chop off the extra than not enough. The pieces didn’t match up but I was able to make it work because of the extra length. I ended up having to fold the blouse in half and pin the two sides together so that I could the cut and make sure that both sides were the same length.

The first step is working on the pockets. When I finished them they were both crooked. I had to take out all the stitching and make them again. Not perfect but better. I’ve discovered that I am not very good with curves. Aside from the sleeves and pockets the rest of the blouse came together pretty well. After sewing on the front band I was happy to see that the top and bottom matched up. I then added my buttonholes. After sewing on my first button I decided to button it and check it out. That’s when I realized that the neckband on either side of the front band did not match up. The left side was slightly higher than the right. I was stuck. The only choice I had was to take the stitching out and fix it by hand. That’s hard with chiffon.

So the blouse is not perfect. I noticed when I put it on today that the neckband is not symmetrical. It curves up on one side and out on the other. I still like it though and will definitely wear it again. I am determined to get this pattern right so I will probably have another go it. I’m wearing it here with a Space Invaders T underneath and my hot pink pants. The guys at Pop ‘N’ Go Nuts here in Evanston were nice enough let me take my pictures there. It’s a small store so getting a good picture was tough but it beats another shot of me in my apartment.



Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. I love how it looks with the Space Invaders t-shirt. One tip for sewing curves is to shorten the stitch length.

  2. Love it, it really goes well with the space invaders!

  3. I think your black chiffon blouse turned out wonderfully. It has so many possibilities paired with cute tees underneath. Your photo is awesome.

  4. Challenging top but the fabric choice it fab. Have you ever used spray stabilizer? Found this on uTube, I want to try it myself on a future project, happy sewing.

    • Thanks for the link. I’ve never heard of spray stabilizer-I’ll have to give to a try. If you think of it let me know when you do and how it worked for you and I’ll try and do the same.

  5. Love it with the Space Invaders tee!

  6. I agree with Jennifer – it looks spectacular with the Space Invaders tee!

  7. I’ll echo – looks great with the tee underneath! And looks great, in general :) Sullivans spray stabilizer is a godsend with silks!

  8. Clever idea for a top – so much variety with what you can put underneath. Great place for posing too – yum!

  9. WOW love it! this top is so versatile, change your tee’s to make a new-look every time. Has anyone ever said you look like Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs… Yeah?

    • Thanks. The top also looked good with my lace skirt and a simple tank. I like that I can have fun with it or make it more soft and girly. No one has ever told me I look like Karen O but I’m really flattered. That was one of my son’s favorite bands when he was 4yrs. old.

  10. This is freaking cool! Space invaders win! Well done working with such a challenging fabric :D

  11. Thanks! I loved your blog entry-very funny!