The “Accessorized Accidental Hippie” Blouse

The Facts
⁃ Fabric: One loosely woven lightweight cotton/linen curtain, a scrap piece of what I think is chiffon , both given to me for free
⁃ Pattern: None, I drafted it mostly based on the pattern envelope pictures of McCall 6625 and Advance 5856
⁃ Year: The McCall pattern was 1946, the Advance 1950s, my drafting circa today…
⁃ Notions: Elastic
⁃ Time to complete: 4 hours, two of them just to get that sheer fabric to stop fraying and get in place!
⁃ First worn: Jan 2012
⁃ Wear again? Yes, it will be nice for summer!
⁃ Total price: Less than $0,50. Only thing I paid for was thread and elastic!

This week started with thinking about 2012, and what I want to make (of) this year. After summing up 2011 I realized I might not need that many more dresses to be honest… so, time for separates! (I bet I’ll still make a huge amount of dresses this year…) Also I figured I would love to add some more blue to my wardrobe. Therefore, when starting this challenge, I took out some favorite blue accessories of mine: A pair of light turquoise 1970s party shoes from my mum, a silver necklace with a blue stone my dad gave me for my 20th birthday (I think it was for that one at least), and a canvas bag with a rococo-inspired pattern in white and blue. Continuing along those lines of inspiration, I came to this:

I ended up with more of a tunic than a blouse, but apart from that, It’s fairly close to the peasant blouses of late 1940s and the 1950s… when it doesn’t look like something from the good old Hippie days I guess. Ooups.

I didn’t count on adding such a long piece of the sheer dark fabric, and once I did, well, there is no way I am taking scissors to that one again, ever! Construction-wise I’m just happy I drafted raglan sleeves and didn’t mess those up all too much. I’m thinking I could loosen up the neckline elastic a bit… we’ll see. And the blouse is a little bit too big. But comfy!

The sheer fabric bit will be nice paired with short shorts I think or maybe just having the blouse as a cover-up for the beach this summer! And I really like the layering effect on top of the paisley skirt. (It’s a vintage RTW skirt, I’ve had it in my wardrobe for ages.)

Oh, and did you notice I just can’t stop accessorizing, I had to add a belt as well!



Ewa Jonsson has been sewing and crafting for as long as she can remember. She is a massive vintage fan, and would have a masters degree in thrift store shopping if there'd be such a thing. In 2011 she started her sewing blog and joined Sew Weekly, documenting her work and progress. When not sewing, painting, or singing & playing guitar, she is studying management in Sweden.


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  1. I love such blouses. Yours looks really nice on you. I think I’ll sew something similar this year. Need some more separates, too.

  2. I’m thinking Frida Kahlo :)