Hot! The “2011 Favourite” Granny Smith blouse

Profile of Adrienne in 2011 favourite blouse

Me in my favourite Granny Smith blouse

My name is Adrienne and I currently live in Granada, Spain, where I am writing a Master’s thesis about online sewing communities. I myself have been sewing seriously for three years, and blogging about my projects at

My New Year’s resolution: spend less time thinking about sewing, and more time actually sewing. Nothing gives me quite the sense of “flow” as creating a garment. I also love the mix of technical skill, creativity, meticulousness and spatial logic it requires. I look forward to the extra motivation from the Sew Weekly Challenges will bring.

What do I find most challenging about sewing? It is the moment when you realize — after trying on your first muslin — that your pattern is going to need some major adjustments. It happened recently with the Colette Rooibos dress.

My biggest non-sewing goal of 2012 is to run a marathon in 4 hours 15 minutes.

Finally, these are a few blogs I like to read: Tilly and the Buttons, Did you make that?, Sewing Odyssey, Handmade Jane, Dibs and the Machine, NattyJane Sews, Petite Josette.



Adrienne was born in a family of sewists. At the tender age of 8, her grandmother gave her the best gift anyone could give her: sewing lessons. She believes she inherited the gene for fabric accumulation from her mother. Originally from Canada, she is now living in Spain writing her Master’s thesis… about sewing.


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  1. My gosh! That is such a beautiful blouse!

  2. Love the blouse! And OMG – a master’s thesis on online sewing communities? That is the most awesome thesis ever!!

  3. That is a *great* blouse!

  4. That colour is so pretty Adrienne, and thanks for mentioning my blog.

  5. Gorgeous blouse Adrienne and the colour is just beautiful.

  6. What a stunning blouse and best of luck with your marathon training!

  7. Gorgeous colour and ruffles!

  8. “I currently live in Granada, Spain, where I am writing a Master’s thesis about online sewing communities.”
    How awesome! Great place to live and great thesis to write. Your blouse is beautiful. love the color and the ruffles.

  9. This is a really pretty blouse. Not a color I’d wear but it works perfectly for you. And the little apple buttons are cute for that color. I think I’ll try to make such a blouse, too. I checked your blog and saw that you describe how to draft it. Thanks!
    And wow, that thesis of yours sounds interesting. I wrote mine about humor in online communication (linguistics). What subject does one need to study to write a thesis about online sewing communities?? Very interesting!

  10. The color is just amazing, love that blouse!

  11. Ruthanne Edward

    Whoa, I am having some serious colour envy here! that is gorgeous.

  12. Such a striking colour – beautiful pattern to use too

  13. Bravo on the marathon goal! Which race are you planning on running? Love the blouse style and color – it looks fantastic on you!

  14. Thanks for your comments, I didn’t realize you were writing your thesis on sewing. That’s really cool. Looking forward to getting to know you better this year.

  15. Really beautiful. What a great color. Love the sleeves.