Hot! The “2011 Favourite” Dress (and a bit about me)

Me in my favourite dress of 2011


Name & Location: Tempest Devyne, Phoenix AZ

Blog: Fanbloomingtastic

How long have you been sewing: 3 years

Why did you want to commit to The Sew Weekly Challenge: I am the world’s best preparer to do things. It’s just the ‘doing’ of the things I’ve meticulously planned for that’s the problem. I have cupboards full of patterns and fabric I’ve bought meaning to make. I have bookshelves full of sewing books. Internet browsers full of bookmarks to things I will one day make. Well, enough already! 2012 is the year for action. And The Sew Weekly Challenges are the things to get me motivated. I’m looking forward to the challenges, not only of completing garments and improving my sewing, but also of improving my blogging and creative photography for you to see the finished results. For over 2 years I have been incredibly inspired by Mena and the other Sew Weekly contributors but this is the only photo of something I’ve created BEING WORN, and look at it, I clearly need the help of the Sew Weekly Challenges to improve my sewing AND my wardrobe. I made 2 other dresses and a skirt during 2011 but haven’t any photographic proof that they were ever worn. My dressform gets all the attention and is always ready for her close up! 2012 and the Sew Weekly Challenges are going to be hard work…..but I’m up for it….and for keeping a record of what I achieve, actually being worn!

What do you love most about sewing garments: Overcoming an instruction in a pattern that at first confuses and threatens to defeat me. I adore that everything I ever make teaches me something new and presents me with a difficulty to overcome that I can learn from. Sewing your own clothes not only provides you with something a little bit different than what you can find in the shops, it gives your brain a workout too. I love the ‘I did it!’ moment.

What do you hate most about sewing garments: I have a confession to make – I am a bodger, I am that person who cuts corners (sometimes literally) – I hate ironing pattern pieces before cutting material out. I hate pressing my sewing in between stages, even though when I do make myself make things ‘properly’ I totally see the difference doing the correct prep makes. In 2012 I will try harder.

What do you want to accomplish this year with regard to the challenge: One of my goals for 2012 is to find my style and to fall back in love with fashion like I used to be in my teens. I’d really like to have a wardrobe of clothes at the end of this year that are quirky, colourful and fit me properly (and aren’t made out of a flannelette sheet I bought in a Goodwill store with 2 Starbucks lids stuck to it). I’d also like to learn more about making fitted and tailored items of clothing….which will require me to put the effort into proper preparations.

Your biggest non-sewing goal of 2012: Just as I’m giving myself a makeover, I moved with my family permanently from the UK to the USA last year….and we are living in the world’s brownest, drabbest, lifeless South Western style house – and it needs a Devyne makeover. I will doing painting lots of colours around the house, doing some carpentry, some minor electrics and perhaps even a little bit of plumbing.

What are your favourite sewing/fashion blogsA Beautiful Mess, Craftyminx, Make It and Love It, Me Sew Crazy, Delia Creates and of course… The Sew Weekly.




Tempest Devyne is a Brit who loves rain. She was therefore exiled to the deserts of Arizona. She started tentatively sewing about 3 years ago to make her own burlesque costumes. She'd now like to make pretty clothes for herself that don't rely on velcro and poppers to stay on. She's self-taught with help from the internet and lots of books from the library.


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  1. Great writing. Dress maybe not that great but hey, perfectly accessorized with that chicken hat. I love you already. Will make sure to follow your posts.

  2. Haha thank you so much Djamila, the dress was a teeny weeny bit quirky because it was for a ‘tiki meets Seattle’ party….it has the most adorable flamingos wearing wooly hats in the snow on it.

    • Hadn’t noticed those flamingos yet – I guess I was distrated by the Starbucks lids (the human mind can only focus on so much). I have never seen such crazy fabric before (“crazy” being a compliment here) but then again, I live in Germany…which probably explains it all. ;)

      • That’s quite ok, I’m British, crazy is a bit of compliment there too :)

        I’m afraid (or delighted) to say, you’re going to see a lot more crazy fabric in the next few months.

      • (Finally managed to register here. Still trying to figure out whether there’s a way to put you in my favorites so I don’t miss anything) “Crazy” is not necessarily a compliment in Germany (hence no flamingos with wooly hats) but I know it is in the UK. Lived in England for a year when I was a student and loved it so much I didn’t want to go back home anymore.

  3. What fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with. I will definitely be checking in on you. Good luck!