Hot! My “Let’s go Honky Tonkin'” Dress

I am finally done with  the first challenge!

For the accessory challenge I chose to make a “bombshell” dress. I had signed up for Gertie’s course when it first came out but because of several pattern sizing issues had never completed my dress. When this challenge was announced I knew this was the dress – I already had all of the materials AND an accessory I hoped to match it up with! Well I still wouldn’t call it finished, but I am done with it. I have no complaints about Gertie’s wonderful course or the pattern, but by some wierd twist of fate I never was able to get ahold of a pattern in my size. This being my first real foray into sewing clothing for myself, that did not work out too well. But, we live and we learn. The accessory I was making the dress for was my $3.95 shoes I found at a thrift store last summer.  They are Candy’s brand and I really love them. I picked this fabric to go with the shoes.

The facts:

Fabric: The fabric was purchased from JoAnn’s Fabric and is one of their quilting cottons.

Pattern: I used an Eva Dress Pattern for 1950’s Sarong.

Year: I believe this is a reprint of a 1950’s pattern.

Notions: Zipper, padding, boning, I didn’t add the boning as I was very disappointed with fit issues.

Time to complete: Every spare moment I had for 2 weeks :( Approximately 20 hours?

First Worn: January 15, 2012

Wear Again? No it isn’t really wearable, I put it on for the photos but there are gaping issues in the back, I tried to add inches back there, then needed darts, uh not good! Really the issues are too numerous to mention here. You know that’s bad, because this is a sewing blog!

Total price: Well for this exact version about $19, but all total with the pattern, notions, 3 muslin’s I made, and Craftsy course, its over $100.

I think I started with too hard of a project, what with not having the right size pattern, and not having the pattern from the course. I needed more step by step instructions. Hopefully the next dress will go together a little better!


"Honky Tonkin"



Michelle Crocker is a sewing enthusiast from Nashville, TN. She's been sewing since she was 13, quilted items mostly. After spending several months frequenting sewing blogs around the net, she's decided to make her search of that illusive perfect fit!


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  1. Wow! Very sexy! You look beautiful-

  2. So sad that it didn’t work out for you! If it’s any consolation, it looks lovely in front…

  3. Thank you for your encouragement, I might be able to fix it once I gain more skill.

  4. I’m glad you put this up. Sometimes things don’t work out as planned (my accessories dress, point of fact – still not finished) but often seeing things on the screen lets you see the positives. This is a great colour on you and the ideal match for your shoes.