My “First Attempt At Vintage” Dress

Name and Location: Jo, from Kent in the UK.

Blog:  The criminally neglected

How long have you been sewing: Nearly a year – since February 2011.

Why did you want to commit to The Sew Weekly Challenge:  When I sew I relax. I need to relax more.

What do you love most about sewing garments: So many things. Having clothes that actually fit.  Going into that zone where you are so absorbed in a project that you forget all your other worries. The whole mathematical process of taking a flat sheet of fabric and creating something three dimensional.  The look on people’s faces when they ask where I got something and I tell them I made it. Hoarding patterns and fabric. I could go on….

What do you hate most about sewing garments: Ironing/pressing. I did ironing as a job when I was sixteen learned to loathe it. I managed to avoid it ever since, until I started sewing and realised it was unavoidable.  And fastenings – long live the Mena test.

What do you want to accomplish this year with regard to the challenge: Getting the fit just right.  Tackling my phobias of trousers and buttonholes

Your biggest non-sewing goal of 2012: Find a way to earn a living working for myself.

What are your favorite sewing/fashion blogs:  This one, of course. The Coletterie. And I have a huge girl crush on

The Facts ⁃ Fabric:  Cotton poplin?

Pattern: Butterick 9269

Year: Early 60’s

Notions: zipper, cream lace

Time to complete: about 5 hours

First worn:  August 2011

Wear again?   Have done, loads.

Total price: All fabric and notions gifts, so nothing!



Taracat is a beginning seamstress, scientist, teacher, mother, gin drinker, almost author, drama queen and a bit of a stroppy 'mare. She discovered The Sew Weekly in February 2011 while using the internet to teach herself to sew. She's getting there.


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  1. Hello Jo, glad to see you here, keeping the British corner going…. looking forward to seeing your creations in 2012

  2. Hi Charlotte – good to see you here too! I can’t believe there are so few of us Brits here. It’s great to see familiar faces and some new ones. I guess it’s up to us to show the world what we British girls are capable of.