My “Finally get it together year”

Name and location: Kimberley Dierdorf, Yuma Arizona

I have been sewing most of my life. I bounced between sewing for my self when I had a figure, sewing for our children, quilting and this year I want to sew more for myself again in order to find outfits that fit and flatter. I usually decide that i will sew something for my self- get discouraged and then whip up something for our 19 year old daughter who still has a figure to look great in what ever i make her!

I am comitting to the sew weekly challenge in order to quit looking at patterns and actually make some up. When i went to find a photo of me wearing something that i have made- well I can give you dozens of my daughter, a relative’s toddler – me? Nothing doing so that has to change.

I love the way small touches can make a pattern  very personal to you. i love the sewing aspect.

I am the least fond of cutting/marking and button holes( my machine can be touchy)

My non sewing goal of 2012: lose weight

Fashion blogs: I really haven’t narrowed them down yet other than sew weekly



I am a wife, mother of two grown kids, live in a rural area on an acre with various animals large and small. I have been sewing for too many years to count. Love to do things like makng soap, cheese , sew etc.


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  1. Awesome, I love the way you used the pattern in the fabric for your dress. It looks great, what pattern is that?

  2. Oops I didn’t put in any dress information becuase it wasn’t made by me. I went on a fashion tryo out spree with my daughter and had her photograph the sucessful looks so that I can concentrate on revamping my wardrobe