Hot! “My Buttons Got A Hole In It” Dress

My buttons got a hole in, otherwise I couldn’t sew with it, my buttons got a hole in it, can’t find no thread…

I’ve been singing this little diddy for a week, but I finally completed the second challenge, and got pictures, not good ones mind you, but a couple of pictures none the less. For the record getting the pictures and writing the blog post seems the hardest part to me!

After my first two weeks were taken up with struggling with the bombshell dress, I’m glad to report this dress went together perfectly. I used a scant seam allowance along the bust seams, but other than that I didn’t change anything. Its categorized as an easy pattern and I would agree with that. The facings are hand sewn down, but the buttons! I did on my machine. I have a very nice sewing machine that has never before sewn a button as I bought it primarily for quilting. I had no idea I just put the button next to the chart, keyed in a number, put the presser foot down and viola! buttonholes! I also used the machine to attach the 11 buttons.

I’m very proud of this dress as I intended it to be my muslin for the real one but the thick sheet fabric made a nice texture, so I went with it!

Well back to the sewing room…

Very cold and windy outside, my next challenge pictures may have to be inside ones!

The Facts

Fabric: Bedsheet purchased at thrift store $1.75
Pattern: McCalls 6279 $1 on sale at Hobby Lobby
Year: Contemporary
Notions: 11 Buttons $6.00
Time to complete: 12 Hours (!!!!??)
First Worn: January 25, 2012 for pictures
Wear Again: Yes definitely, I love it! In fact I wore it to work today.

Total price: $8.75



Michelle Crocker is a sewing enthusiast from Nashville, TN. She's been sewing since she was 13, quilted items mostly. After spending several months frequenting sewing blogs around the net, she's decided to make her search of that illusive perfect fit!


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  1. I love that the buttons cost more than the fabric! I also love that you were so excited about your machine’s ability to make buttonholes. I’ve had a machine that makes one-step button holes for about three years, and I still watch with absolute fascination as it makes each one.

  2. Great dress – 11 buttons! You were keen.

    Don’t you love it when your sewing machine does amazing things like one-step buttonholes and then it will even sew the buttons on for you? I too was very excited about this

  3. It’s hard to see in the pictures but the pattern on the fabric you used is really cool.

  4. The pattern on the fabric is really cool. I have a couple of other pictures I’m going to put up on my blog in the next day or so that shows the pattern better.

    Those 11 buttons were hard to find too, RTS. Every where I went would only have like 9 of one kind of button in that size.

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

  5. I hear you about the documentation process being just as a bear as the sewing. Mena’s got us outside freezing, while we’d rather be inside sewing the next week’s challenge ;-). Nice work, Michelle and congratulations on your machines’s first button holes.