Hot! Make this: Chic and Simple Sewing

Made this look: “Pencil Me In, The Date Dress” without a sash belt, but I created a “skinny” belt

Date Night Dress

The Date Night Dress

I think the hardest part about creating this outfit was my perfectionist side coming out and wanting to make sure the fabric lined up just perfectly.  I wanted to get as much of the swirl in the fabric as I could, and put the white design towards my waist for the times that I would “shorten” the top to make it a long shirt vs a dress.

AMH Chic and Simple

The final product

Here are all of the details:


  • Designer: The wonderful Anna Maria Horner
  • Line and description: Innocent Crush, cotton voile, Slowdance, VAH10, $15/yard


  • Book: Chic and Simple Sewing: Skirts, Dresses, Tops, and Jackets for the Modern Seamstress by Christine Haynes.  Published in 2009, list price of $27.50.  The book is divided up by seasons so it is actually quite fun to look at the projects and plan around the weather.  If you have ever visited or lived in Colorado, you will understand that planning around the weather is not always the easiest thing to do, but this book gives a lot of options to cover all of your bases.

    The Date Night Dress


  • Book was published in 2009
  • Fabric line was produced in Fall 2010:
  • Outfit was created: Winter 2012 (Yes, it did take me that long to “get around to it”)


  • Thread and 1/2″ wide elastic

Time to complete

  • Wash and press on Saturday, 1 full afternoon on Sunday with interruptions to love on my dogs

Wear again

  • Absolutely!  I can wear this with black leggings and boots for going out and about, jeans for a Saturday afternoon or with black pants to work.  I can move the belt down, pull the top part up and “shorten” the ensemble to make it a shirt.  And the fabric feels so lovely!

Total price

  • $15/yard x 2 yards (to line up pattern) plus elastic and thread = approximately $30-$35



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  1. It’s adorable! I love that fabric and haven’t yet seen an adult dress made out of it! Lovely.

  2. so pretty! I need to check out that book, too!

  3. I hadn’t seen any projects from this book yet, your dress is beautiful, thanks for sharing.