Hot! Made this look – Indigo Prom Dress – Dotty Perkins Knockoff

The Facts
⁃ Fabric: Light weight denim (12oz)
⁃ Pattern: Simplicity 2444 (Project Runway)
⁃ Year: 2010
⁃ Notions: Ball and chain zip
⁃ Time to complete: 8-10 hours
⁃ First worn: for the photos
⁃ Wear again? Oh yes
⁃ Total price: $55

Hey all – sorry I am so late starting! I’ve been in New Zealand on holidays!

I loved this look that Mena uncovered from Dorothy Perkins – we don’t have this chain in Australia and I think it is such a cute look. I bought some 12oz denim – but I have this weird habit of only buying three meters of fabric – to save money, but most of the 50’s style dresses that I am addicted to, need four meters at least. I was pleased to just get it out the fabric, by not quite cutting the ties fully on the bias.

I decided to make a toile of this dress because I have been struggling to get things to fit me lately. I had in my stash quite a lot of orange linen – but when made up, it was hideous – another UFO – oh well. It was good to practice because this pattern was a deceptively tricky. Like Mena, usually ignore instruction sheets, not with this one, I got quite lost. It was complicated because of the top-stitching that I decided suited the denim fabric – which meant that nearly every seam had to be overlocked immediately after sewing, I just really had to think about what was coming up next for each piece. The angled darts were also quite challenging. It would have been easier if I used tailors tacks to mark them properly.

I lengthened the dress, omitted the pockets and exposed the ball and chain zip. I ran red two threads from the top of my machine to get that thick topstitched look – I love red.

Apart from the fact that it needs lots of ironing I am really pleased with how this dress turned out – I think I will wear it a lot – great pick Mena!

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Trish lives in Sydney and has way more thrifted patterns and fabric than her fair share. She studied fashion design in her former life and sews while trying to not to burn the dinner.


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  1. I really like that denim can look elegant – beautiful job Trish. This one was on my list too.

  2. It turned out beautifully and it looks so comfortable.

  3. Love it Trish, looks fab on you. Happy holidays.

  4. Thanks ladies. Wearing it tomorrow to church – can’t wait

  5. I love it too – you could even wear things under it, shirts or t-shirts, to make it even more versatile.

  6. I love this dress. I already own this pattern so I think this will have to move up in my “to sew” pile.

  7. Looks really good. I am going to use the same pattern for a costume for the musical “how to succeed in business ..” set in the late 1950’s . I want the skirt to have more body. Was your fabric pretty drapy?

  8. Great dress, I am sewing up this pattern at the moment too!

  9. So cute! Summery and lovely!

  10. Gorgeous dress! I love how you’ve used denim for this – so unexpected, and it works so well! (And your shoes are fabulous. :-)

  11. Hi Donna. Yes the fabric was very soft and drapey (it’s really a shirt weight). A stiffer fabric would stand out better – and a 50’s style petticoat or two! You can get these pretty cheap on Ebay. You might want just use the bodice of this pattern and do rectangles fully gathered all the way around. Good luck.

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments

    Kat, gotta love $10 shoes from the Warehouse! x