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The Facts

Fabric: A stiff khaki from my stash and some lime green chiffon
Pattern: Vogue 8640
Year: 2011
Notions: Khaki thread
Time to complete: approximately 4 hours
First worn: Monday to school
Wear again? Signs point to yes (Magic 8 Ball, 3rd shake)
Total price: $20.00 total   $6.00 for the fabric & $14.00 for the pattern

Remember how I promised not to always post a story about how horrible my weekly challenge was?  There was a point on Sunday that I thought I might have to just skip this week in order to avoid said developing disaster story.  I followed the ‘Make This Look’ picture  instructions…kind of.  See, I didn’t want to pay the $12 per yard for the organic twill.  For one, I didn’t just want to follow the exact specs of the ModCloth jacket.  For two, I was being cheap. For three, I was obsessing over herringbone for some peculiar reason. as usual offered me a million different options, took my monies, and sent along my goods within days.

Upon opening the box I realized that the yellow was a bit more limoncello than it was lemon-with-a-hint-of mustard… Okay, that’s fine, no problem, I can work with that. Bright colors are supposedly on trend for spring…I put the fabric in the wash and went on with my life.  Later that night I pulled the fabric out of the dryer only to find some subtle stains on the fabric.  Craaaaaaaap!  I tossed it in my sewing room and went to bed and blissfully dreamt of Brad Pitt until the morning (I had just watched Moneyball).

Fast forward to Saturday. I had ordered some more fabric, but since Chicago was hit with a bit of a snow storm, everything was delayed.  Rather than deal with the stained fabric and the unpredictability of UPS, I looked to my fabric stash.  Sitting there waiting patiently was some left-over khaki colored canvas-ish feeling material that I had previously used for a school play, and since I was newish to costume design at the time, there was a lot of it too. Signs pointed to this being a good option: if my (non) luck continued, and I screwed this jacket up, I could still fall back on the stained limoncello without feeling too horrible about the whole situation.  Off I went  cutting and sewing.

This is my typical 'dance face'

4 hours later I had a jacket. The pattern was pretty easy overall,  with the majority of challenges due to the stiffness of the fabric. The green chiffon that I was nervous about performed brilliantly. The only thing I might do next time is provide some more length and add the rounded front panel from the mod cloth version.

The experience was satisfying and uneventful.  Some might even suggest it was…boring.  I wouldn’t, though, because I was having a fantastic time singing along and dancing to The Roots.




Cheryl is a teacher, martial artist, crafter and sewer just trying to find balance in a busy world. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin she's now trying to fit into and explore the vast expanse that is Chicago, Illinois.


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  1. I enjoy your dance face :) This little jacket is also quite adorable.

  2. Love the jacket. Love the dance face even more :-)

  3. That was quite a save! It sounds like you enjoyed your sewing experience this week. I love that bright pop of color you used for the lining.

    • I was such a nice change of pace. For the record, I enjoy the rough experiences as well. It makes the ones that go so easy that much better! :)

  4. Love the jacket with the pop of color.

  5. Wow that lining is brrright! Love!

  6. Great save! Love the bold lining choice!

  7. Wasn’t that snowstorm the worst for delays? I could not understand why the CTA and the rest of the city decided to go kaput. I adore your jacket and the fabulous khaki colored fabric you used – and that lining is AWESOME!!

    • Thanks, Meg, I’m loving it more and more. Per the snowstorm–It was and still IS the worst, I still haven’t received my fabrics! I’m starting to get a bit nervous for the Academy Awards plans I have :-/

  8. darn, that’s cute! love the lining – so vibrant.

  9. Love that lining. Love that dance face. Love your writing style – please don’t ever be afraid to write up your moans or successes, because life would be damn boring if everything went to plan. I hope the snow clears soon and your fabric makes its way through!

  10. I’d be dancing along to The Roots too if I made this little jacket, love your dance face hehe well done.

  11. This is sassy! The lining is just too cute for words. And awesome dancing. This is a must after sewing your own clothes!