Hot! It’s All About The Necklace

As soon as I read the challenge for this first week this necklace instantly came to mind! My husband gave it to me for our anniversary one year. It’s from etsy seller Freshy Fig and I love it! I always felt that it looked best with neutral colors, which I have few of in my wardrobe.

 Ebony and Ivory Eyelet Raglan Sweater :: 21&Over Tube Skirt

This look came to mind almost immediately. I had intended to use this cream eyelet knit to make a project for the Colette Palette Challenge, but never got around to it. I’ve had that sheer fabric for so long, I can’t remember where I got it, lol. The fabric for the skirt was the only piece I bought during the meet-up Oona organized, and it was from the remnant table. It seems fitting that I would finally use it for my first Sew Weekly challenge!

This is my Oona pose. The one where I’ve suddenly discovered how great my butt looks!

 Ebony & Ivory Sweater and The 21&Over Skirt

The eyelet is a bit sheer so I layered it with a sheer black knit I had on hand for the front and back pieces. The two together are quite opaque. I treated the two layers of fabric as one, since neither had the tendency to curl or roll. I joined three of the four sleeve seams on my serger and then stitched just beside the serged edge (using a stretch stitch). I serged across the entire neckline, folded it under and stitched it down with a length of ribbon on the wrong side to lend structure. Once that was complete, I serged and stitched the last sleeve seam and then the under side of the sleeves and side seams.

The skirt requires almost no explanation, it’s a tube and a waistband. Sized for a woman who is no longer 21. I only ended up with those cool serged panels across the front because it was too big to start. I cut the front apart in random slices and serged it back together slightly smaller and then whacked on the waistband. The serged hem was left exposed. Super easy.

The Facts
Fabric: Eyelet Sweater Knit from $8.97 for 1.5 yards :: Sheer Black Mystery Fabric (under body of sweater) price unknown :: Black Stretch Cotton Blend fabric from the Garment District app. $2
Pattern: The Basic Raglan from Built By Wendy Sew U Home Stretch, modified :: No pattern used for the skirt.
Year: 2012
Notions: There is a velour/velvet ribbon attached to the inside of the neck of the sweater for stability
Time to complete: 2-3 hours
First worn: For these photos!
Wear again? I will, as soon as it warms up on the East Coast
Total price: About $15 including ribbon and a few $’s for the fabric I can’t recall the price of.



Wanett Clyde is a wife, mama of four and library school student that manages to cram a lot into her days. She loves books, writing, creating, the color purple, sarcasm, summertime, staying up late, anything British, BROOKLYN(!!!), and her family.


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  1. Your pictures are great, and I love that fabric. The eyelets really add a refreshing, light touch.

  2. Oooo.. you are a brave, brave woman AND talented! Eyelet, for some reason, scares the ba-jesus outta me! I like the top a lot and for some reason, can picture it at the beach during the summer. Lovely creation! (And I love the “Oh my, is that my tuckas” Oona pose! It’s hilarious and adorable all in one)

    • Thanks, Tina! Don’t fear eyelet! This knit was sooo easy to work with, It lies really flat. You can see how the lower edge doesn’t curl up and it’s not finished at all.

  3. What a great outfit — so versatile!

  4. Love the layering with the eyelet and the black underneath, and the fit seems great! All in all looks both comfy and stylish, job well done!

  5. Very nice. I love the idea of serging then using ribbon to stabilise the neckline.

    • Thanks! I can’t say that the ribbon thing was my idea. I recalled reading about it on a blog while I was trying the top on and noticed the neck seemed too…floopy, lol.

  6. LOVE your pictures. LOVE. The eyelet fabric is gorgeous!

  7. What a cute top, I never know what to do with that kind of fabric but you’re giving me good ideas.

    You crack me up, especially the Oona pose. hehe.

  8. You are a riot, great top, perfect for your chosen accessory.

  9. I love this laid-back chic vibe in the outfit… perfect for the necklace!