“I’m Late! I’m Late!”

I got the name for this vest from the story Alice in Wonderland-the inspiration from the inspiration.

One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is this rabbit head clasp bracelet. While thinking about the bracelet I thought of The White Rabbit. Though naked form the waist down he’s quite nicely dressed from the waist up.

I LOVE menswear so this was the perfect opportunity to make this vest. I’ve had the pattern for about 10yrs. It’s vintage and I bought it in a thrift store for $1. The fabric was from my stash. I bought that in a warehouse sale for about $1.50 and the fabric used for the tie is a remnant from another project. The buttons were given to me by my mother-law. So all in all let’s say the final cost was about $4.

Because there were only 5 pieces to work with I honestly thought I’d zip right through this project but there are a lot of corners to turn and pressing to do. And for whatever reason I can’t leave a pattern as is-I always have to play with a little. For the vest I decided I wanted the tie to be a little wider and longer. Of course I decided this after sewing, turning, and attaching it. I’ll most likely change the buttons to some with a little white in them for a little contrast.

I will definitely wear this vest but with a ponytail and pompadour. Maybe I’ll accessorize with a guitar just to make Elvis proud!

I couldn’t resist a close-up of the socks and shoes. It completes the look!




Gina Clark is a girl from Texas living in the Midwest. She has been sewing most of her life but swears every few months that she is giving it up for good.


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  1. what a great project, love it

  2. Oh I LOVE it! You look great, and I love your plaid socks teamed with those shoes.

    • thanks Kazz! I liked your dress and choice of fabric. I think what I like the most about you so far is your bold use of accessories. I was impressed by the ones you used for your inspiration in your post. Bold colors, big chunky beads, and shoes to match!

    • Thanks! What I love the most about you (so far) Kazz is your bold use of accessories. I was impressed by the pieces that inspired you. Brightly colored, chunky and over sized plus shoes to match. It all looked great with the dress.

  3. Very snazzy! I like the idea of highlight buttons too.

  4. Love. It. I’ve wanted a men’s wear inspired vest for every so long.

  5. I. Love. It. I’ve coveted a men’s wear inspired vest for ever so long!

  6. Love your Alice theme and the bow makes it so much more feminine, great waistcoat!

  7. Thanks for all the love ladies!

  8. Great ensemble! I love everything about it.

    • Thanks! With Christmas and New Year’s out of the way it will be hard to find an event to wear it to. Maybe I can wear it while running errands and just pretend I’m popping in on my way to some place important.

  9. That is gorgeous! It looks fantastic

  10. Oh man, I am really digging your style. Everything about this, the shoes, socks, inspiration piece and garment = swoon.

  11. Freakin’ awesome! Everything about this is rocking. Mayhaps I need to make a waistcoat now..