First Challenge of the Year

My name is Rhonda Buss and I live in Chicago,IL. The address to my blog is I have been sewing since I was a small child. I loved everything my grandmother did, she sewed, so I sewed.

I have been following The sew Weekly Challenges and have participated in a few. When Mena posted that they were looking for contributors for the upcoming year, I wanted in. I love a challenge as I think that when we’re challenged we somehow do our best work.

Sewing for me is like breathing, but the best thing about sewing is the final product. There’s nothing better than having on a garment that you have created and knowing that you look wonderful! My least favorite thing about sewing is lack of time, if only I had more time, but isn’t that the cry of every sewist?

During the upcoming year I am looking forward to stretching myself and seeing where it will take me. As I said above, we somehow find our best work when we’re challenged.

My biggest non-sewing goal for the upcoming year is to hopefully get a series of children’s stories published.

There are two fashion blogs that I really enjoy. One is and the other is Both are wonderful and I love seeing the combinations that they put together. Another wonderful blog is She posts some of the most wonderful pictures. I check out her blog on a daily basis. A sewing blog that I enjoy is I think she is wonderful and have been following her for a while now.In fact, I found out about Sew Weekly through Debbie’s blog! 

The first picture is part of my series, Fabulous Free Pattern Friday and the instructions can be found at

The second picture is of an outfit that I made last fall. It is a Christine Jonson pattern and it is the Travel Trio Two pattern.



Rhonda Buss wanted to sew as far back as she can remember. As a child, sewing represented the freedom to dress as she chose. What she didn't know at that time was that sewing would be the vehicle that would open up her world.


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  1. Children’s books, that sounds wonderful! I agree about lack of time, now that I think about it that would’ve been my sewing “hate” too. Good luck this year!

  2. Glad to see you on the Sew Weekly, Rhonda. I’m hoping a challenge this year will lead me to use one of your fabulous free patterns. I want to make the points skirt out of the rectangles. :)