Hot! First Challenge of the Year

Name & Location: Clarissa Henderson in Omaha, NE
Blog: I don’t have one (yet)

How long have you been sewing: Dabbling 10 yrs/Seriously 2 yrs

Why did you want to commit to The Sew Weekly Challenge: I’m a busy mom/wife/college student. I love to sew, but sometimes put it on the back burner. I want to commit to the Sew Weekly Challenge to make more time for sewing and learning new skills.

What do you love most about sewing garments: When I first started sewing garments I loved the outcome. I couldn’t wait to get through the process to the other side where a bright, shiny new wearable garment was waiting for me.  However, now that I’ve been sewing for a while I understand that the process really dictates whether that bright, shiny garment will ever see the light of day.  I love knowing that the inside of my clothing is just as pretty as the outside.

What do you hate most about sewing garments: I hate cutting our patterns and pattern pieces. Blechk!

What do you want to accomplish this year with regard to the challenge: With each challenge I want to create more wearable everyday pieces.  I tend to lean towards the costumey side of vintage. I love a reason to dress up, but that’s not always practical.

Your biggest non-sewing goal of 2012: Be comfortable in my own skin. This means making a commitment to move and stretch more.

What are your favorite sewing/fashion blogs: I follow a lot of blogs. Here a few that I check everyday.

Sewing: Casey’s Elegant Musings, Lladybird, The Sew Weekly, Green Apples, New Dress a Day

Fashion: Love Megan, Keiko Lynn, Esme and the Laneway, Cotton and Curls

The pleats on the skirt help it to lay flat when not poofed out

Here’s my favorite dress of 2011


(and here are the specs)

The Facts
Fabric: 100% cotton for the outer and lining fabric
Pattern: I used the bodice from New Look 6910
and the skirt from Simplicity 4070
Year: 2011
Notions: regular zipper, hook and eye and thread of course
Time to complete: 3 days
First worn: July 2011
Wear again? Yes! I have and will
Total price: patterns $2, fabric $12, notions $5 for a total cost of $19

I had wanted a cotton floral dress for a long time and when I saw this fabric I knew what it was destined for. The bodice isn’t dissimilar from the other pattern, but the neckline is lower. Sometimes high necklines make me feel like I’m choking. In addition to combining the patterns I really took my time finishing the inside of this dress. the side seams are finished with french seams. The waist is faced with pink satin ribbon, and the zipper seams are sealed with lace hem tape. It’s nice when the inside of a garment is as nice as the outside. I’ve noticed that finishing the inside of a garment is crucial to the outside looking polished and professional.




Clarissa Henderson started the Sew Weekly to create more wearable pieces for her wardrobe. She also joined to meet others in the sewing community.


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  1. The dress is beautiful, and the fit is perfect!

  2. Great fit! It’s a very cute dress!

  3. Your dress is fantastic! I love the volume of the skirt!

  4. Love the fit and it looks great poofed out (great word!)

  5. It’s so satisfying when the inside of the garment is so good that you can’t help showing it off. Lovely dress