Crêpe for a bump?

Name and Location: Bonjour! My name is Zoë and although originally from England I am currently living in Provence, southern France.


How long have you been sewing? As a teenager I learnt the basics of sewing from my mum and sewed various garments. Partying, studying and then working took over until three years ago when, as a stay at home mum, I decided to set myself the challenge of making all my christmas presents. I invested in a basic sewing machine and made what seemed like hundreds of cushion covers and tote bags. Little by little I progressed to sewing clothes and now make (the majority of) my own wardrobe. The dress shown above was made at the beginning of last summer (when I was pregnant) – an adapted Crepe from the Colette Patterns range.

maternity crepe dress and self drafted black cropped jacket


Why did you want to commit to the Sew Weekly challenge? This year I hope to improve my sewing skills and techniques and I have a (sort of) plan but being pushed to do something by participating in a challenge where someone else sets the parameters should, I hope, help me to push the boudaries of my sewing comfort zone. Also, the community aspect makes the whole thing more fun!

What do you love most about sewing garments? I love the fact that no one else has clothes like me (everyone else probably loves that too!!) and that I can create more or less the kind of clothes I want (rather than relying on the shops to have them). I also like that I am no longer, or at least much much less, contributing to the ridiculous mess the world seems to have got itself in by transporting cheap clothes half way round the world to people who already have too many.

What do you hate most about sewing garments? This depends on my mood but overall I generally hate cutting out.

What do you want to accomplish this year with regard to the challenge? I want to push myself to make things that I wouldn’t otherwise and I would like to think that along the way I could maybe inspire one or two thers to pick up a needle and thread.

Your biggest non sewing goal of 2012? 20 minutes of yoga every day. I admit it doesn’t sound a big goal but I am trying to be realistic (another goal for this year!)

What are your favourite sewing/fashion blogs? Who doesn’t love gertie? Male Pattern Boldness and the Colette Patterns blog and, of course, the Sew Weekly.



Zoë is originally from England and is now living in the south of France with her husband and their four mini persons. She started sewing simple bags and cushion covers three years ago and has since progressed to sewing her own wardrobe. She started blogging after realizing that she couldn't rely on her husband or her children to be as effusive in praising her sewing achievements as she would have liked!


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  1. Lovely adaptation! The fabric you used is absolutely adorable, Zoë.