Hot! Credit where Credit is Due

There is absolutely no way we can move into 2012 without my post of appreciation for those four ladies who made The Sew Weekly what it was last year! Many, many, many heartfelt thanks go to Adey, Debi, Sarah and Veronica who were far more amazing than I could have ever imagined they’d be. Seriously, I completely bow to their fabulousness.

Here they are, wearing my favorite creations of the year!

Each of the gals above brought something incredible to The Sew Weekly.

Adey wins the “Most Consistent” prize. I could always count on her to hit her deadline and have a great sewing week. Without any instruction on my part, she was categorizing and formatting her posts correctly from day one. And her clothing? I have a feeling that she’d shame us all if we were to show the insides of our garments. They just look so put together. I had the hardest time picking my favorite outfit of Adey’s. That’s because they were all so beautiful.

Debi wins the “Keeping-It-Interesting” prize. She was our little time traveler, giving us such a great glimpse into 1930s and 1940s patterns. She showed us that there was no shame in not finishing a creation during the week — especially when it was due to her crazy ambitions (oh, those sequins!). And who could forget her getting her husband involved in the act! And of course, she gets bonus props for coming all the way out to San Francisco from Scotland to join me at The Gatsby Summer Afternoon. Her prize-winning Art Deco Love dress was a total inspiration!

Sarah wins the “Super-Trooper” prize. Personally, she had a lot of stuff come her way this year — stuff that would be hard enough for someone not sewing an outfit a week. But she powered-through and always kept me up-to-date if a post was going to be late a day or two. Sarah was our little separates queen — probably the one out of the five of us with the most practical wardrobe coming out of 2011. I mean seriously, how many dresses can we wear? She did make some fabulous dresses too. And, then of course, there was that fabulous NYE dress that she made with some magic and stuff.

And finally, Veronica, who takes home the “Perfect Attendance” prize. She’s the little lady who managed to complete every one of the challenges this year. She even one-upped me since she photographed herself wearing all her creations (I missed one week). Yes, she had perfect attendance, but she also made it quite fun. I have to say that each week I was most excited to check the drafts for Veronica’s creations. Even though I just never knew what to expect, I was never disappointed. This girl also gets mad props for making things from 1990s patterns. That’s a talent.

And who can forget the fifth Beatle of the group, our Oona. She gets the “Taking Risks” prize. She blew me away so much in the forums, that I just had to have her contribute to the site in a more official capacity. Not only did this woman sign up for the job of weekly creations, but she let us dictate what she had to create. She taught us that it’s okay — actually far better than okay — to actually mix prints that seem like they shouldn’t be mixed. She was so much fun to throw bizarre challenges at — including channeling muppets and pin-ups in one outfit. Not only that, but she was a wonderful host to us in New York City.

I love you guys!


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. I really enjoyed all these ladies’ work in 2011. :)

  2. Well Done, well done indeed!

  3. We love all of you, too! You all have been so incredibly inspiring!

  4. Yay, ladies! It was so fun to check out what everyone was up to, even though I’m not the best commenter in the world. Inspiring indeed!

  5. If there was such a thing as a “round of applause” emoticon, I would fill this comment box with it. Even more so for you Mena because you did all the co-ordinating and running of this blog AS WELL AS sewing all those clothes. So a huge round of applause to all five (well, six including the fifth Beatle) of you.

  6. This is a great, well-deserved post. I was so inspired by all of you last year. Kudos!!! Here’s hoping I can hold a candle to even half of what you all did.

  7. You ladies did an amazing job! I’ve been following along all year and didn’t realize that Veronica managed all 52 weeks, that’s awesome. Kudos to Sarah for sewing along during a tough year, that seriously could not have been easy. I also have a feeling that Adey’s creations are as immaculate inside as they are outside – love her thought process each time! I’ll always remember Debi’s posts about hemming a dress at 4am on the train or wherever she may be to finish up for something or other – that’s talent! Mena, I have no idea how you do it. :) Special mention to the 5th Beatle who always manages to make the coolest creations, so unique, inspiring and hilarious!

  8. I miss seeing everyone’s stuff, but looking forward to a new year!

  9. Everyone;s work was inspirational. Congratulations on finishing the year!

  10. mena, i loved reading your rundown of the fab four and then i was shocked to be pete best! (or stu sutcliffe? probably i’m more eddie murphy, man.)

    can’t believe veronica went head to head with you… it was so cool, SO INSPIRING to see y’all sew up a storm. now comes the hurricane of 100 ladies!

  11. Way to go, ladies! What an accomplishment. A whole year of sewing weekly. It was lovely getting to know each of you, and I’m excited to see what 2012 brings for you.

  12. YAY! A BIG THANK YOU to you, Mena! I had such an amazing time and this post was so much fun to read!! xoxoxo

  13. Congrats, Ladies!!! Amazing work! I loved seeing your weekly creations :)

  14. Thank you Mena and thank you all the wonderful Sew Weeklies – Oona, Debi, Veronica and Adey, and the awesome community!! Sewists for life!

  15. The famous six, you have all individually inspired me so much thank you all for a wonderful year in sewing xxoo

  16. Hi! You are all wonderful and I do so enjoy following your projects. Best wishes for 2012!

  17. It was such a shock not to see you all at the beginning of the year! Sad that you’re not there on the front page any more but you deserve the break and no doubt there will be more wonderful things to come in a different capacity.

  18. Thank you SO much Mena, this is such a lovely overview of what we all achieved and I’m already singing ‘MEMORIES’ as each day passes into 2012.

    Thank you all you darling crafty queens! How freaking awesome is it to sew regularly!? Wishing you unbroken needles and smooth fabric seams in the coming year! xoxo