Gallery Challenge One….something made last year!

My Name is June and I am currently living in Iowa.  I blog over at Creations by June found at

Here I am in Hawaii (Luau!)….one of the few photos I have of me and then it was not wearing what I made!

I first started sewing back in grade school for 4-H, and I hated it!!!!!  I tried it again in High School and it was still not fun for me.  I sewed off and on for things that needed to be done, hems, buttons, repairs, then picked it up more for crafting.  But last year, I had to get a new machine in order to finish my dog’s bed and lo and behold, it was amazing!  My machine liked me and did what I asked of it!  No more fighting tension, and the lot!  So, in the last year I started up again.  I have made lots of purses, discovered reverse applique and even a duvet cover and some simple elastic waste band skirts…. It was wonderful!

I want to commit to the Sew Weekly Challenge in order to keep sewing and challenge myself to learn new skills and greedy me wants a new wardrobe but does not want to buy new!

What I love most about sewing garments is seeing them come together and clipping that last thread and having a new item of clothing that no one can tell is “home made”

What do I hate about sewing?  Cutting out the fabric!

What do I want to accomplish this year with my sewing?  To not be afraid of zippers and to learn how to fit items to me.

My biggest non sewing goal is to finish the “Dam to Dam”.  It is a 20K race in Des Moines to be held on 6/2/12…. And I am out of shape and also had foot surgery 10/11, so it will be a challenge!  Then after that there is a half marathon on Vegas in November… oh how fun!

My favorite sewing blogs….Sew Weekly of course!  I wish I had found it sooner then December!  Cation Designs… she does wonderful things with sheets!!, Curves, patterns and pins.. not just sewing but a lot more.  See Kate Sew is also fun!  And then I also just found New Dress a Day  love the whole upcycling!!



June has some serious issue with fabric and scrapbook paper hoarding. She I is also addicted to caffeine, which she fulfills with Diet Mt Dew, Diet Pepsi and coffee! She returned to sewing about a year ago and is slowly learning to actually sew something besides a straight line! She even became brave and took the plunge and.. are you ready for it? put in 2 (yes count them two!) zippers! So as you can see, she is ready to learn more and expand her horizons as a seamstress!


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  1. Good luck this year, it’s going to be a fun one! That “Dam to Dam” race sounds intense – that’s awesome though :)

  2. You’re among good friends here – there is more than a few hoarders in this lot (myself included). Zippers are great when you know how and I’m gradually learning.