Hot! Button Budgie Cardigan.


The Facts
Fabric: Cream jumper from next

Pattern: SEW by Cath Kidston
Year: Current

Notions: 75 Buttons

Time to complete: 40 minutes of hand sewing
First worn: January 2012

Wear again? I think its so cute and off duty, so yes!
Total Cost: £2

Buttons gone mad for this challenge. I know that idea is to tackle a technical skill ( button holes). I’m not stranger on making buttons holes and learned how the old fashion way. “Practicing” on a spare pillowcases. Since my sewing machine does them for me now, there is not really a challenge to overcome. Wait… how about hand sewing buttons… (scared face) oh!!! thats a big challenge. I normally shy away from any hand work that involves hand sewing. The truth is that I’m just not coordinated enough and I’m slow too. Talk about asking for a challenge as I sew 75 buttons and even attempted an embroidery beak.
When asked my boyfriend what should I call it, he said it looked like a Budgie bird. So I research and how adorable are they! Ohhh yes…Its my little budgie button bird cardigan.

The budgie bird


More on my cardigan…
Just for the record is -1C (30 F) and my Brazilian nose get really red when Im outside.





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  1. I love your take on this Rachel, what a cute idea, your budgie is adorable x

  2. Thanks Hun… I’m not sure I’m happy to sew 75 buttons again xx

  3. Super cute! I’m not a huge fan of button holes (I sat this one because of said fear) but I like buttons as an embellishment! Also, We call budgies parakeets here… they’re adorable but a noisy little bird!

  4. This is so cute! I absolutely love the effect. Well done :D

  5. Cute! I love using buttons to embellish tops, this is right up my street!

  6. Simply adorable. I want one!

  7. How cute! Love the left-field use of buttons for this challenge!!!
    This is something I will have to try. :)

  8. Great interpretation of the theme – very cute outcome. And a really great way to reduce the stash of buttons. I have loads, I might have to have a go at something like this.

  9. I loved that you stepped outside the box and did something totally left field Rachel, awesome.

  10. I love this so much. That’s a great way to use buttons. I’m tempted.

  11. Your version is so lovely! I love that you used buttons to make an image – brilliant as always!

  12. Very cute embellishment!