Hot! Bonjour Sew Weekly!

GrafiketgrafokHello there Sew Weekly and a very happy and creative year to you!
My nickname is Grafik-Grafok, but my name (my real name!) is Celine Denizon and I live in Toulouse, South-West France and I love eating croissants for breakfast, but everything’s not true about Frenchies!

You can find out more about me on my blog and check all my pictures there : (sorry it’s all written in french but I’m planning to do something about that!)

I was a little girl when I watched my mom sew and she was doing this like it was so easy! A seam here, a seam there, and done! Haha! I remember how disappointed I was the first time I tried sewing a simple garment… It wasn’t that easy. But I’ve learned patience along the way and now I’ve been (really) sewing for about 3 years.

Now, I want to commit to the Sew Weekly Community to push my creativity forward, I like to be thrown out of my comfort zone and try new things and new ways!

I so love sewing! Just like you! First I love beginning a new personal challenge, something that makes me wonder if I’m totally crazy or just completely wacky! Secondly, I just love how I can play with patterns, colors… and see all that little jigsaw puzzle going on and suddenly making a garment! Isn’t that magical? ^^ Haha! Love, love that!

Mmmm…. ok, there are things I hate too : I hate making a mistake three times in row… « Ok, don’t do it wrong this time! Don’t do it wrong this time! » and guess what? Yeah… did it.
Well, I came to the conclusion that I hate to unstitch.

My goals with regards to Sew Weekly for 2012? I’d like to become a real good sewer (yes it might take more than a year!), and I’m sure this will help, because I don’t want to disappoint you! And for once, I’d like to make clothes for me! Haha!

My biggest non-sewing goal of 2012: Go out more, less TV, spending more time in the kitchen and finally wear dresses! ^^

My  favorite sewing/fashion blogs:

There are so many fabulous sewing blogs out there! Let’s see…




Mother of twin boys, she works as a colorist for comic books and children books. She's actually having fun sewing many costumes for fairs, exhibitions and artbooks. She's also a cat lover and somekind of a geeky-nerdy starwars fan!


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  1. Interesting costume! I am curious to see your creations. Had a quick look at your blog and spotted some interesting costumes there as well. I didn’t have enough time to read the actual text – my French has got a bit rusty. I lived in the Normandy for half a year (and didn’t eat croissants for breakfast because Germans eat Müsli ;)) but that was a long time ago. Maybe your French blog will be a good excuse for me to read some French once in a while.

  2. I adore your outfits so much, so I am really looking forward to what you create this year!! And I also adore that you are a colorist. That sounds awesome!

  3. I can’t wait to see what you come up with this year! It read your post with a French accent to add a little authenticity to the whole thing.

  4. @Djamila Müsli’s a good alternative! :D I’m so happy you came by my blog and I hope you’ll be able to read some more from time to time!
    @Meg Thank you! ^^
    @Gina : Ha ha ha! I’d so love to hear that!

  5. Ruthanne Edward

    A steampunk outfit and you are a comic colourist? How cool can you possibly get! (Yes, I’m a steampunk and comic fangeek…)

  6. Haha Thank you Ruthanne! I’ve been working on my cool attitude for years now! XD