Hot! Blue Sky Daydream Coat

The First Challenge of the Year: Blue Sky Daydream Coat

Hello, my name is Q from Portland, Oregon. I have been sewing by hand since I was a small child but only got my hands on a sewing machine about 14 years ago.

I want to commit to The Sew Weekly Challenge in order to build up my Etsy shop, I do so much better when I have a clear goal in mind so I know the SW Challenge will push me to new heights.

I love knowing that I have complete creative control over the designs I sew and the outcome is always a reflection of how I see things artistically.

I hate to use the word hate so I will say that I find the most challenging part about sewing garments is completion. It always seems to take forever to finish a piece because my mind is already dreaming up 3 or 4 items I want to make next which tends to slow me down further.

In regards to the challenge I want to accomplish a system of goal setting, the process of maximizing my time and efforts so that I can become more efficient in sewing garments and be able to make a living doing what I love. I also would love to build up enough of a wardrobe that I can respond to compliments with, “why thank you, this is one of my personal creations.”

As for my biggest non sewing goal of 2012, it would be to travel to Europe and wouldn’t it be lovely to wear my own creations while I do?

I am actually fairly new to blogging but my favorite would probably be Steampunk Couture.

Let the adventure begin!



Qsun Fusion

Q has been an artist all her life with a passion for the romantic eras which soon translated into costuming as a young adult. From Halloween costumes to fencing garb (most current was just too masculine), from renaissance to belly dance costumes. Currently a belly dance performer in a whimsical style of Theatrical & Tribal Nouveau her costuming was taken to the next level. She has opened an Etsy shop and plans on filling it until it overflows while creating a sustainable living as her motto is: "Follow your Bliss."


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  1. Beautiful jacket…nice job!

  2. Really like that romantic version of a military inspired coat! Great choice of color! ^^ Can’t wait to see your creations for this year!!!

  3. Love the colour and the buttoning details.

  4. Thank you so much, what a lovely community here at Sew Weekly. I am so glad I finally found you. <3

  5. Stunning jacket – can’t wait to see what else you create.

  6. The color and cut are AMAZING. The button details are divine.