Hot! Best Buttons Ever!

Fabric: Thrifted corduroy and bold print cotton
Pattern: Simplicity 8142
Year: 1969 (back when I was 15!)
Notions: 7/8 covered buttons
Time to complete: about 10-12 hours
First worn: Jan 14, (out for lunch with family)
Wear again? Yes!
Total price: Buttons and matching thread: $8.00 Fabric $4.

This was a fun dress to put together! I used thrifted fabric from my stash. I chose the purple corduroy for this particular pattern because the look was somewhat coat-like and I thought the heavy fabric would work well. You don’t see  a lot of garments made out of corduroy these days except for corduroy pants and baby overalls, so I felt like I was definitely taking a risk. I hoped that it would look vintage, yet contemporary enough to wear in 2012.


Probably the hardest part was covering those darn buttons! From experience I have learned that you need to add a small circle of interfacing on top of the button so that the metal doesn’t shine through the fabric. Here are a few pics of the before and after buttons.

It was fun to do button-holes again. I have learned from experience to always practice before you actually do them on your garment. They turned out wonderfully! After reading up on some Sew Weekly tips and tricks, and visiting the excellent link that was posted, I put in a blind-stitch hem! I’ve always done it by hand, but I think I won’t be doing that  any more. My daughter has been my photographer for the first two challenges and has done an excellent job. She insists that I get clarification on just who can be in the contributor’s pictures. She wants me to make a dress for her and post it. What are the rules on that anyway?















Barbara is a resident of Northern California. She loves to sew and has pledged not to buy retail clothes for the year of 2012. That means she has to make her own, or buy it at a thrift store. I hope she doesn't spend too much on fabric. When she shops for fabric her eyes light up as she imagines the possibilities! She's like a kid in a candy store.


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  1. That dress is so gorgeous! I adore the colour on you and yes, those are mighty fine buttons!

  2. Who’s the great photographer?! ;) Love this dress, great job as always!

  3. Woops ^^ This is not Barbara but her daughter logged in as her! Nice job mom.

  4. Very cute! Although that pattern is from the 60’s it looks very current. The purple corduroy is adorable.

  5. That’s the most adorable corduroy dress I’ve ever scene. If you joined the Corduroy Appreciation Club wearing that dress, you’d be electing Queen (more likely it’d be Chairman).

    There is such a club, by the way:

    • Thanks for the compliment! That’s so interesting about the Corduroy Appreciation Club. I had to go right over and check it out. :)

  6. This is amazing!! This might be the coolest cord project I’ve seen in a while! I love the color! Purple is my favorite.

  7. Love this so much!

  8. great dress – i love the cord and the contast of the button fabric

  9. Very handy tip about the interfacing – lovely to see corduroy used this way.

  10. Barbara you look smashing and kudos to your daughter on the photography. Your buttons are gorgeous accents to your wonderful corduroy dress.

  11. Gorgeous dress! I love the colour and style and the little peek of fabric at the hem is fantastic, it all matches so well! I want it!

  12. I absolutely love late 60s Simplicity patterns, and you’ve done a great job making a ’69 dress look ’12! I wouldn’t have thought of making it from cord (too stiff?), but you’ve converted me. Once again, I think your post is my favourite this week :)

    I have yet to make covered buttons or use a blind hem stitch, but hopefully I’ll be inspired by everyone else here too!

  13. Oh, this is just the inspiration I needed. I have some corduroy I’ve been wanting to make into a dress with some contrasting print trim but was worried it wouldn’t work. This is gorgeous and the fabric covered buttons are genius!

  14. I ADORE this color on you – please wear this all the time! It looks perfect for any season, and I love that you made it out of corduroy. The contrast fabric gives it that extra little oomph – well done!

  15. Wow!!! I don’t normally comment but this dress really is gorgeous and it looks perfect on you! Very nice job.

  16. you did a great job. what a hip, flattering color, and i love the bits of contrast.

  17. Love this dress. It is absolutely perfect. Really adore the neckline.