Hot! A Tattoo is a Permanent Accessory for a Grand Dress!

The Facts
Fabric: Rainbow Brite Bed sheet & Yellow and white polka dot cottons and lined with yellow cotton lawn
Pattern: Simplicity 9590 with some changes.
Year: 2001
Notions: 1 7″ Zip, Red Bias Binding
Time to complete: 6 hours
First worn: 10/01/2012
Wear again? Oh Yes, this has become my favorite summer dress!
Total price: Well the zip was .60c. The yellow was from a UFO I started about 10 years ago…so i’d say its about 2.00. Red Bias Binding; .25c and the Rainbow Brite bed sheet was a dress that I bought off the net, I was very said that the style just didn’t suit me, at all! It cost me $95!! I used about 1/3 of the dress to make this, so the total is about  $37.50!

My Rainbow Brite obsession started almost at birth and after seeing Meg The GrandsAmazing dress I knew I had to fix mine! Sadly i didn’t have as much fabric as Meg did.

I went through my stash and found the yellow polka dots and new it would work, I did want to use red for the skirt but to my amazement I didn’t have any thing that would work!

I added the bias binding myself, the pattern called for a side close tie but I wanted something more simple and summery. I also added a bit of flair to the skirt.

Construction was very easy and I really didn’t have to look at the instruction all that much. This is my first side zipper though and I have found that it rub and scratches so that the only thing i need to fix!

Me and Rainbow Brite at age 3!

So I started getting tattoos at 18 years and 4 months old and my latest one is Rainbow Brite! Eventually it will  be a full multi coloured sleeve! One day… My mum has finally come around to my tattoos didn’t take her long though! I’m still her little girl and she did buy me a Rainbow Brite doll when I was 3!

Note: In this old photo of me I have a shaved head, it was not by choice. My mum was at the hairdresser and it was just me, big brother and dad at home. While dad was distracted big brother decided I should go to the hairdresser, him!

He basically cut my hair in chunks at the root! My mum was devistated! It did grow back and scissors were kept away form big brother!

My hair has since been every length and colour you can imagine and even a few perms! But never black…and i did go through an Emo stage back in year 12!


I digress, Back to the dress! The yellow fabric from a UFO was meant to be a full circle skirt with about 5 panels. I’m not sure if the photos show but the back and front of the skirt have center seems, both were meant to be cut on the fold, Didn’t have enough fabric for that! Although it doesn’t take away form the dress!

I think its a bit short too. Not by much but i would have liked about an inch extra on the skirt. Also the skirt is very see through, even though its lined with cotton lawn, might give it another layer. In the end i love it, its now my new favorite!



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  1. Your dress is very summery indeed! I like that you rescued it

  2. What a bright, summery dress! Love the ink.

  3. You Big Kid – summery is the word for it.

  4. I LOVE Rainbow Brite!! You are so going to make me dig mine out! I love your dress and your tats, too ;o)

  5. Ha ha, I have a similar childhood photo Stacey! When I was 2, my brother decided to play hairdresser while my mom was out and dad was having a nap on the couch. I had nice long hair that he chopped right off. *sigh* brothers!

  6. Big sigh to brothers! Think he chopped the hair off rainbow brite also…

  7. Cute dress! Rainbow Brite rocks.

  8. Eeek Rainbow Brite! Love it! With a tattoo like that you really NEED an assortment of Rainbow Brite garments!

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Rainbow Brite is the BEST. I love that sassy picture of you holding your doll – Fabulous! And I love that you have a RB tattoo – what a truly fantastic accessory!!! Your dress is stupendous. I think we need to get together and have an RB party.

  10. Awesome rescue! I have a similar impatient hair cutting experience, only I did it to myself.

  11. OMFG this is awesome! How gorgeous is the fabric and the yellow just makes it pop.
    Love this so much :D