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Top photo

Fabric: Beautiful sequined fabric from a local fabric shop ($39.99 a yard – 1 yard) and some nude lining ($5 a yard – 1 yard)

Pattern: None – I just winged it.
Year: c. 2011
Notions: None
Time to complete: 1 hour
First worn: December 2011
Wear again? To a party or to sparkle during the day!

Total Cost: ~$45

When I saw the word "Patternless" on our challenge schedule, the first thought I had was "OH NOO!" That is my sewing weakness y'all. It's scary to fly without a net!

I decided to take it slowly and keep it simple for my first patternless piece – a sparkly tank top that I can wear to someplace festive or use to dress up jeans for after work cocktails. 


It was super easy to make this pattern – I just took some tracing paper and created a basic shell, based on the Sorbetto top (the proportions/sizing), and made the neckline higher. Then I took the fabric and laid it out so that the selvage edges, which had this lovely nude gauze, made up the top and back. I then made a liner out of nude acetate – volia! Exactly the top I hoped to make!

My favorite thing is that this top looks awesome with red pants and a navy blazer – I can't wait for girl's night!


In my mind I was jumping oh-so-high!


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. Clarissa Henderson

    Super cute!!

  2. I love sequined tops and yours is lovely! And so much joy in that last photo!

  3. Swanky! And aren’t those the Colette slacks that you made a few months ago? That outfit is very, very nice looking on you, and your sewing skills are impressive!

  4. You look happy, lighthearted, and fab.

  5. That top is gorgeous! On a sidenote, I am very jealous of your hammock.

  6. Wow – you’re so brave to wing it with a $40 piece of fabric!

  7. Love this whole ensemble! The top is smashing :)

  8. That would also look great with a pencil skirt. Cute.

  9. ADORABLE! You look great!

  10. OOHH Shiny – sparkly and perfect for the festive season.

  11. You did such an AWESOME job on your top! I love it!

  12. Tres Chic Sarah sparkles and all.

  13. Ooooh. Sparkly. Well done you – no pattern AND fancy fabrics! Fancy fabrics scare me. Make girl’s night out happen in honour of your sparkly top and sewing skills. Not that I’d make suggestions but *cough*giantmosaicarmadillo-youcanshinetogether*
    Love that last photo, even more impressed by the fact you’re wearing heels with only one foot on the ground. My coordination skills do not extend that far and so I am impressed xx

  14. You should give this to your sister.

  15. Beautiful! What a gorgeous sparkling blouse!