Hot! The “Purple Party Time” Skirt | Sarah Gabbart

Top photo
Fabric: Super cheap Jo Ann's poly purple ($20 for 4 yards) 

Pattern: None – I just winged it.
Year: c. 2011
Notions: zipper from stash
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: December 2011
Wear again? To a party!

Total Cost: $20

Purple is my mom's favorite color. It's the hue of a notorious people eater and the color of royalty. Purple is awesome. So where is all the awesome purple fabrics?!? I searched high and low for a great fabric to make my purple skirt out of, but alas – none was to be found!

It took two trips to two different Jo Anns to find the ombre fabric you see before you – and I'm still a little iffy on it…

Anywho, the skirt is something that I decided to wing – I simply cut a band from the fabric and gathered the rest at the selvedges (it has a bubble hem!), then attached together and threw on a zipper!  That's it! The whole project took me about 2 hours because I took one who hour to get my serger in working order. After that it was a breeze!

Now that's it together, I like it – for parties! Even the ones at home – this skirt is perfect for pre-dinner cocktails with the hubby in our kitchen!


Detail shot


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. This fabric is magic! And I agree that it is perfect for pre-dinner cocktails, regardless of where or who with! What is delightful matching tipple you’re having?

  2. Isn’t it funny? I went searching for pink fabric for the pink challenge and found NOTHING. Love this though! But we can’t see that fancy bubble hem :(

  3. i wish we could see the whole skirt!

  4. And sparkly shoes to match – The fabric is gorgeous and there is something to be said for dressing up for drinks even if they are just at home.

  5. Love it and love those shoes! Nice job!

  6. The color of that fabric is just gorgeous! What a fabulous party skirt:)

  7. Great work! When we getting together to craft????

  8. Happy Silly Season! This is a skirt that could totally swish around to a few parties!

  9. Stunning

  10. you are ROCKING the skirts lately (i want last week’s so bad i could cry). i LOVE these on you!!
    (and your accessories are perfect.)

  11. I don’t do purple but I really like that skirt, that Ombre fabric is gawg.

  12. LOVE this skirt. Such a neat fabric and PERFECT for parties! Have I mentioned before that I love your haircut?

  13. Love your skirt (and your face)! I think the skirt would be excellent for twirly tipsy dancing in the kitchen (I can highly recommend it). Other important points of query: What are you drinking?