Hot! The “Good Friend” Dress

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image from images3.wikia.nocookie.netThe Facts

Fabric: Cotton fabric, gift from my friend, Krissy
Pattern: Simplicity 3397, $1
Year: c. early 1960s
Notions: Invisible zipper
Time to complete: 3 hours
First worn: December 2011
Wear again? Yes!

Total Cost: ~$1

Personally, I've had rather a tough week. While I'd rather not let my life bleed into the Sew Weekly, the act of taking a photo looking all happy was so not a priority this week. So all you guys get is a picture of a rather fabulous dress. 

While taking photos may not have been high on my list, sewing was. I find sewing to be a rather relaxing pursuit when I'm particularly stressed. So, not only does this dress look beautiful, it's probably one of the best constructed things I've ever done. In fact, I not only made this dress but another dress from the same pattern — out of vintage green silk. While I still need to insert the zipper in that one, I went all crazy and did the entire thing with French seams. What can I say? I was in the zone.

I do have to thank my dear friend Krissy for providing me with this fabric. I had only two pieces of fabric in my stash that were purple — both lavender. I had made a dress from a light purple gingham but it washed me out terribly. So when I went over to visit her, she let me take this piece from her stash. So thanks Krissy for making this week's creation possible! And thank you to my friend, Marissa, who encouraged me to skip the photo this week. I'm not sure if you guys realize this, but I'm kind of hard on myself.

You're a forgiving crowd, so I'm sure you'll all understand the lack of my huge mouthy smile this week. Even with me being all mopey in this post, I do have to say this is one of my favorite dresses ever. I wore it to the Alameda Point Antique Show (though I was so not in the mood) yesterday and got the most compliments I've ever receive for anything I've worn. I think about twenty people stopped me to say they loved my dress. That strangers cared enough to take the time to tell me that actually quite made my day.

And now, on with the week!


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. This is amazing, and while I would love to see it on you, give yourself a break! You work so hard and you do a lot and you deserve a week off. This dress is stunning, and you are a constant inspiration!

  2. Oh my. This is possibly my most favourite dress ever! Do you have any idea whre the fabric is from? And i bet it looks great on you!

  3. Gosh that dress is just toooo amazing. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. Clarissa Henderson

    Amazing! I love this dress. The pattern, the fabric, it’s all great. Sorry to hear you are having a bad time. Hope things start going better soon.

  5. What a beautiful dress! I hope you’ll feel better soon.
    I haven’t been able to sew lately and I am really missing it

  6. A stunning dress. You’re so generous and giving to the sewing community – it is so appreciated. Please look after yourself.

  7. What a fabulous dress. Sending you positive thoughts and lots of love x

  8. That is a VERY pretty dress – the colors are gorgeous, and I love the skirt and belt! The room you took the picture in looks very pretty, too :-).

  9. margueritedesigns

    It’s a truly beautiful dress. It speaks for itself on the dress form.

  10. That dress took my breath away! It is hands down one of my top five favorite dresses you’ve made so far!
    And I’m so glad you did take some a break and just post it on the dress form. We all have those days. Those weeks. And it made me like you even more for admitting it.
    Good luck and I wish you the best in getting through what your getting through.

  11. Oh, it’s beautiful! Sending you good wishes that this week will be better than the last!

  12. Sending you good vibes! (And the dress is beautiful.)

  13. The dress is beautiful and inspires me again to make a similar large floral print dress. I got the fabric last year, but lately haven’t been able to “see” how the dress will turn out. Now I’m imagining it made up in my fabric (yellow and pink roses). The raglan sleeves are the best part about that pattern.

  14. I love the dress. Purple is my favorite color so I’m really looking forward to this week. As far as the photos go, give yourself a break. I’m not sure how you put up with all the modeling photos as it is.

  15. Mena, this is an absolute gorgeous dress! My breath actually caught in my throat when I saw it. :)
    Sending you good wishes for a better week this week than last. ((HUGS))

  16. It is gorgeous- and don’t worry, we can live without your beautiful face for a week! take care :)

  17. No need to force a smile when you don’t feel like it – we’ll be patient. It is a lovely dress and you have created something beautiful. We’ll love seeing the green silk dress too.

  18. That is one amazing dress! All I can say is wow!!

  19. Gorgeous dress! Hang in there, Mena. Hope you’re in a “twirling around” mood again soon.

  20. Wow!! This dress is amazing! I still cannot even fathom how you whip something like that up in only 3 hours. Craziness.

  21. That dress is so beatiful. Sorry things are not great. I am amazed that you find sewing a stress reliever, that is fortunate! When I am stressed and try to sew – it is guaranteed to be a mess – wonder how I can turn that around? Sending you love and good things.

  22. Yeah, I’m not just saying this because you’re “mopey”; that dress is stunning! I would’ve loved to see it on, but totally get not wanting to pose for pics. I wish I had friends who would give me fabric like that! (None of my gfs sew.)

  23. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous dress, Mena. I hope that your equally fabulous smile is soon back on your face again – for your sake, not ours. Best of luck – I hope things go better for you this week and from now on – you deserve it.

  24. Absolutely stunning – this is my favourite dress of the year. I hope your week gets better – you are an amazing woman

  25. Love your dress ,It is really pretty and It made me even like purple.ha.[not my favorite color].
    Sending prayers your way, that you will be up and about and face a much better week..
    Happy sewing.

  26. I love your dress! The fabric is amazing and works so well fort that type of dress. I also love the square-ish neckline. Hope everything works out and that you’ll feel better soon!

  27. I love this dress!

  28. Gorgeous dress! Big hugs to you. Hang in there—whatever you’re going through, I hope it isn’t too awful.

  29. This is beautiful! I really want one for myself :)!

  30. Aw, I hope your week gets better! You should take a week off, I don’t know what keeps you going all year! The dress is gorgeous, I hope we get to see the green one soon!

  31. it is just gorgous! the material is beautiful but the dress itself looks fabulous!
    Hang in there!

  32. What a pretty dress! Thank you for sharing your thoughts & talents with all of us…you are truly inspirational! Hope all goes well your way!

  33. This really is a beautiful dress! Sorry you had a crappy week…Looks like you put all the stress to good use though!

  34. That dress is gorgeous I’m picturing you in it with your huge mouthy smile swinging about in circles with a clutch and some fancy vintage shoes and you look happy, happy, happy with the outcome. I hope next week is a better week for you.

  35. Absolutely gorgeous! That is a very good friend indeed. Hope this week has paved out a nice little smile for you and you’re feeling a lot better.

  36. beautiful dress,i love the color purple with lilac…

  37. Sorry to hear about your week. Let me know if you want a wine induced skype chat? :) LOVE, love, love your dress! Such a great pattern!

  38. This is beautiful Mena, hubby sitting next to me even commented. Well done, and thank God for our solace of fabric and machining to escape and rekindle the spirit. Hang in there and I hope your days improve.

  39. A very beautiful dress Mena – one of my favorites for sure :)