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image from www.colettepatterns.comThe Facts

Fabric: Silky Floaty remnant, $12 (from Rathdowne Fabrics) and lining from the stash
Pattern: Colette’s Oolong
Year: c. 2009
Notions: nil
Time to complete: 6 hours
First worn: Boxing Day
Wear again? Maybe, if I’m daring

Total Cost: ~$12


I wanted to cut to the celebration part so badly this week! Singing ‘Hurrah’ at our achievements at the Sew Weekly, I decided to splash out on fabric at Rathdowne Fabrics (that’s the main fabric shop on Australia’s version of Project Runway) and stopped by my friend’s bar for a quick glass of sparkling! Through the week I frequently paused for a sip of wine or a dash of beer or a good old pat-on-the-back in celebration. But I was far from finished and missed wearing this dress for Christmas Day altogether! AND, this is actually my second dress!

The first dress was from another silky but taffeta like fabric (a remnant around $8) that I made from a vintage slip pattern. It was white with dark green flowers (I’ve been on a bit of a green and blue kick thanks to the hair) and supposed to be form fitting (cut on the bias) but I decided to improvise and make it a One Shoulder number. But somehow, the silky taffeta dress turned grandmama looking and frumpy and wasn’t cut well in my haste to celebrate. So luckily I’d also bought an extra remnant, but realised this emerald frou frou fabric potentially could be grandmama looking as well…



I thought the way to avoid it looking grandmama, would be to make another Oolong (a smokin’ pattern!) and always a success. BUT as I was worried I’d run out of fabric (it’s also cut on the bias, with 6 skirt pieces) I cut it short. Perhaps a bit too short (my heart was beating when I had to cut some of the hemline to make it straight!)!

And sadly, I cut it a little too small. Whilst it does fit overall, with the lining and the extra Christmas food and celebratory wine it’s now shaped a *little* tight.

The sleeves are the best part, as the material is floaty and kinda see through, I made the sleeves with a ‘facing’ bit built in! As the Oolong sleeves are gathered, I attached a ‘set in’ or ‘cap-like’ sleeeve from another pattern to the Oolong one, as ‘mirroring’ each other… along the hem. I sewed the short ends together, and gathered the normal sleeve but attached it to it’s ‘sister sleeve’ which then turning into facing. GOSH! You’d think after 52 weeks I’d be better at explaining sewing! I’ll have to run a pictorial explanation on my blog soon!

With this Oolong, I’ve added a circle ‘key’ to cover up the gathers, as I’m not a fan of exposed threads at the bust area. Whilst it’s not the huge finale of celebration I’d planned, it is a darling little cocktail dress, if I feel daring for NYE. (And it’ll fit normally if I ever give up my festive diet!)

We’re at my folks in country Victoria, and how wonderful, it’s actually summertime! We’ve had humidity, sun, storms, rain, and even hail in some parts of the state! Happy Christmas Time from Mother Nature! My cutie companions are Dougal (my parents dog) and Bender (belonging to my brother) and were so curious to what Husbie and I were up to in the garden!


And now, it’s my last post in 2011!

Thank you SO much Mena! You’re a darling for letting us invade your blog each week! Congratulations on a wonderful 2011 and wishing you lots of laughs and blog fun next year!

Darling Adey, Sarah and Debi, you are all such sweethearts, it’s been a pleasure to share this year of sewing with you!

Always one up for a celebration though, is my Husband. My dear Vincent you’ve taken the BEST photos this year and you *will* be getting that man shirt the first week of January! I owe you an entire year of sewing, but first up, I’ll try Colette’s Negroni for you! Thank you sweetie!

And here’s cheers to YOU! Thank you for supporting us all at the Sew Weekly, and for reading, writing comments and sewing along too! We can’t do it without you! I hope you’ve been inspired to DIY in 2012! YAY!



Veronica Darling

Veronica Darling has been sewing well for about 4 years, blogging for 5 years and smiling for over 33 years. In 2011, she joined Mena's Sew Weekly in sewing through the year, and in 2012 will keep challenges slightly smaller in scale.