Hot! Stunt Sewing: Results


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I have to say that, despite the lackluster quality of my video, I kind of liked doing it. I'm actually interested in doing some more (always short since even I have a short attention span when it comes to my voice).

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Then let me know what sort of videos you'd like to see at The Sew Weekly!


Mena Trott

Mena Trott started The Sew Weekly to document her attempt to sew all of her own clothes in 2010. Since then, she's made over 125 outfits and has way more clothes than she needs.


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  1. Patricia Austin

    Hmmm . . . I really like step by step video tutorials. There are a couple that I go to for certain steps in the sewing process. (ie. invisible zipper)
    Oh, another good one would be to document one of your sew weekly challenges and then pass it on to one of the other ladies each week.

  2. Both blouses turned out beautifully. I like the yellow one paired with the long blue print skirt. I would love to win the Collette Patterns book. Videos? I’d probably listen to anything you have to say about sewing. I liked the idea of this challenge and then a short recap of how it went. That would be fun.

  3. I’d really like to see you do a round up of the challenges – maybe whoever wanted to do a video could do one? I think it’d be really nice to see everyone and to hear everyone’s voice! Maybe get everyone to pick their favourite item and talk about it a little?
    I’d also like to see you do a video on how on earth you manage to sew so quickly! I’m in awe, I really am!

  4. Wow, it looks like we all had the same idea at the same time!

  5. I am all for tutorials – all those tips I never knew of and never would think of on my own. I think shorter(‘ish) videos suit me the best. By the way – love the yellow top.

  6. Oh, what a lovely blouse! I want one like this, too!!
    I think videos are great for showing how something works or how certain fabrics behave. The video gave a much better impression of the three fabrics for stunt sewing than the pictures for example. So this is what I’d like to see. Fabric, tutorials and funny Mena-faces. ;)

  7. Tutorials are good, but I just enjoy hearing you chat about what you are working on and your sewing philosophy!

  8. I love both of those tops. I agree with one of the comments about about maybe some videos about your sewing time saving tips.

  9. I didn’t see your first post until today, so my comment wouldn’t have been helpful. I would have chosen the one you ended up sewing anyways. FWIW, I absolutely love how it looks on screen. It’s REALLY pretty.
    I’d love to see videos of you actually sewing!

  10. It might be fun to do a before-and-after somehow. Like transforming or re-purposing something.

  11. I’d like to have a scoot around your work space in a video.

  12. I’d like to see a time-lapse video of you making a weekly creation. I think it would be cool. You always seem to complete garments so quickly!

  13. I’d love to see videos of a shopping expedition as well as how you fit/sew vintage patterns! Whenever you talk about your great estate sale/flea market finds, I wish I could join in the fun vicariously!

  14. You’re such a prolific sewer, that I’d like to see your construction process. What kind of shortcuts do you use? Etc.
    I also agree with Rebecca that a time-lapse would be cool.

  15. The beautiful settings and hint of movement in many of your weekly project photos would be lovely if also shot as a short video – we’d get to see a glimpse of some of your weekly garments in action. Showing off your Friday Fabric Finds would also make for a nice video, giving us a better idea of the drape and amount of fabric you were able to score. And, video tutorials are always fun to watch, but the amount of editing they take is always so daunting to me.
    I’d love to win the Colette Sewing Handbook as well, so please throw my name into the hat.

  16. Yay! You used fabric C! I think it looks great :)
    I enjoyed your two videos today. I often enjoy reading about things people have made, but it’s nice for a change to hear you talking about your sewing. Seeing someone wear a garment in a video gives a different impression from just seeing a photo.
    A video to issue the weekly sewing challenge would also be cool… maybe you could show some clips or photos for inspiration.

  17. I would like to see more videos of anything, really. Maybe after you get a fabric haul, it would be nice to have a video every once in a while. I really liked the videos!!

  18. I think my comment didn’t take, so a second try.
    I’d like to see how to videos on various sewing techniques, like darts and such, for sewing clothes. My knowledge is very limited when it gets beyond a simple straight stitch.

  19. I would only like to see videos of something that isn’t easy to show with just photos (and I can’t think of anything particular right now). I tend to read blogs while I’m doing something else, such as watching TV or listening to audio books, so it is very rare that I will ever bother to watch a video.
    To Rachael who’s comment appears just above this while I’m typing – the Threads website has lots of videos that you might find useful.

  20. Love the blouses. Video tutorials of techniques or video of your construction process would be great!

  21. whose – not who’s – I’m honestly not an idiot.

  22. I’d love to see more step-by-step tutorials. Focus on different techniques – zippers, darts, different types of hems and seams, etc.

  23. I would like to see a video on sizing a vintage patterns, start to finish, sizing up from a smaller pattern size to a large size, especially blouses and dresses. Thanks love to follow your blog, I look forward to gettin new idea’s.

  24. honestly i dont really like videos! i am more of a picture/text girl. but love your blog :)

  25. I’m a big fan of technique tutorials (zippers, facings, lining garments, etc.) and also a ‘tips and tricks’ video (shortcuts that don’t compromise the quality of your garments). Love the blouses!! And FWIW, I like your voice!

  26. I was just going to way what I see PepperReed said above: Skills and techniques. Things you think you know, but probably could be doing better. Especially those finishing touches that make a garment look less homemade.

  27. I love them both! And I had a giggle at the fact that you decided to challenge yourself even more and make a second blouse… ;)

  28. the blouse looks great! how about a video tour of your neighborhood? i don’t know much about sf, but it’s always nice to get a guided tour of a place i might visit.

  29. I’d also love to see how you finish things so quickly! I always wonder how you squeeze in the projects in the time stated: if I sewed a dress in 3 hours, it would look like A) a sack or B) as if it had been fought over by a pack of wild dogs.

  30. I would love to see tutorials on how to adapt different sizes for bodice/waist/hip in one pattern, meaning, if you are a bottom heavy, how do you adapt a pattern to accomodate for that. Thank you!

  31. I agree with the tutorials. Love the blouses.

  32. I like that second suggestion!

  33. I would love to see some tutorials on pattern making, and perhaps even a tour of your sewing area and fabric stash. That would be fun! :)

  34. Tutorials would be great!

  35. I had never heard the term “stunt sewing” before. I would love to see more stunts! Your creativity is inspiring. I’d follow your videos just to see what you come up with next!
    Another idea…could you make some of the “Make this Look” projects and video them in some way?

  36. The yellow one is so pretty!
    I’m interested in what you look for when you go shopping for vintage/thrifted fabric. I don’t seem to have much luck with that. Also, I’d love to see how you use the patterns to cut and fit your size. It seems that my patterns always need altering, but I’m not confident in those skills yet.

  37. I think a series of tutorials would be great! I especially like the aforementioned ideas for tutorials on altering patterns and the “make this look” segment– and maybe a tutorial on finding the pattern that best suits a piece of fabric?

  38. I would think a video of the process and your tips for doing a garment in a week every week!

  39. I would like to see a video of your sewing space and how you organize your vintage goodies.

  40. I second the bringing some “make this look” patterns to life, videos on certain techniques (invisible zippers for instance), and i’d love to see your garments in action too, maybe a video of one of your photoshoots in progress?

  41. A video I’d really like to see is a times lap video of you making a garment. You set up a camera somewhere near your sewing area and you tape the entire process of making one garment. Could be something simple like a Sorbetto top. Than you speed up the entire thing and we can see what you do and how you do certain things, then the video slows down again a bit, so we can see what you do or you can give some explanation here and there. Now that would be a video I’d definitely want to see.

  42. Hi Mena, I think both shirts (blouses?) turned out great. And I think you did really well on screen. I would love to see time lapse of a garment coming together. But also and I bet alot of people will say this- how tos. It’s great to see it in pictures but moving pictures…oh my..

  43. Sorry I don’t really have any original ideas for this one but like the idea of the time lapse video and getting to follow along to Alameda. I also agree that it would be great fun to get to see the other ladies in action and hear their voices as well.

  44. I’d love to see tutorials. You ladies are such talented seamstresses and it would be great to see your tips and techniques!

  45. Cute video! I would like to see how-to videos. Sometimes reading it is just not enough. I need to see it too. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  46. I like the idea of you sewing up make this look dresses. Also, a time lapse of your sewing something start to finish. I’m fascinated with how fast you sew.

  47. The video was perfect for a short overview! I like your camera persona – and your voice! You seem very ‘accessible’ and it felt entirely natural.
    Btw, I love the printed top.

  48. I loved seeing you in video and I think short is perfect. I have trouble with that and have to edit severely because I drag on so. I’d love to see a video to augment your weekly outfits. I loved seeing the garment on you in the video. Just made it more real than pictures (although your pictures area always fantastic!)

  49. oh yes! Count me in for the giveaway! I would love for you to take us to the Alemeda Antiques Fair and let us see your vintage fabric scouting firsthand!!

  50. It’s been awesome seeing these two videos! More would be great.
    I’m loving Debi’s idea of going around the antique fairs and all your other fabric-and-pattern finding haunts. Kind of like a mini guided Mena-tour.
    Perhaps short video interviews with other bloggers/stitchers when you meet up with them? Or even a guest spot each month, where we “meet” someone else on video?

  51. I’d like to see a “clothes in motion” series… Maybe tied to one of the weekly challenges. We show how the clothes look when walking or performing some everyday task… I think there’s a lot that gets lost about a garment when you can’t see it “in action.”

  52. I’d love a sewing room/stash tour!

  53. There are lots of how-to videos already, but I think videos of some of your shortcuts for practical and time-constrained sewing would be great.

  54. i would love to see what you look for when searching for your vintage fabrics :)

  55. Tips for speeding up the sewing process! I am in awe of the speed and quality of your creations, and I can’t really find anything along those lines in books or elsewhere online.

  56. I love how both the shirts turned out! My first thoughts on videos were the same as I think most peoples. I would love to see how you complete things so quickly. I sew in ssslllooowww motion!

  57. You are obviously pro at sewing under pressure. I’d like to see video tutorials on some time saving tricks, or cutting corners with good results when sewing for a deadline.

  58. the yellow shirt is so sweet! I would love to see some tutorial videos on simple sewing staples. Like drafting a circle skirt, or finishing pieces really nicely… :)

  59. I’d love to see some clips of you actually working. You’re so much quicker at it than I; maybe I could pick up a few shortcuts!

  60. I’d love to see step by steps of the simple but necessary steps, like horrible zippers and nasty buttonholes with some advice on how to tackle them without a break down! Seriously, sometimes seeing the way someone more advanced handles it and just seeing technique is great!

  61. I’m always amazed at the finds you make at antique faires and estate sales, why not a small coverage from one of those, with tips on how you spot your amazing finds?