Hot! oona does it!: frosty the cocktail


while i would have liked to come up with something truly fabulous this week, i was too busy drinking.


beth of fresa handmade was inspired by my body con work ensemble to say…

speaking of boudoir, what would oona make for pajamas/lounge wear/lingerie?

miss strawberry has got the boudoir covered.  just check out her closet.

but i’ll tell ya.  i don’t do lingerie.  i like to cut to the chase.  however, i DO like lounge pants.  amy butler’s, to be exact, in all fabrics imaginable.  as a matter of fact, they were one of the first things i made, and for several years after every yard i bought was intended for lounge pants.


this week was perfect timing for beth’s challenge, as we were headed to visit our Most Highly Awesome Friends Who Happen To Drink As Much As We Do.  i knew i would need two pair of lounge pants, one for Hot Mama Friend and one for me.  obviously, none of the twelve pairs i’d already made were right for the occasion.  duh.

a quick trip to chic fabrics, that mecca of jersey knit, provided me with some holiday stripes. the joint was jumpin that day.  as i fondled the bolt, i screwed one eye shut to see just how dizzy i might get sewing this stuff.  seeing my hesitation, a nearby customer helpfully pronouced the stripes nauseating.  SOLD.

this is  the first time i used ellie to serge them up.  once i figured out the serger encased elastic waistband, assembly flew by.  would’ve went quicker if i’d sought some googly help on that, but i was feeling particularly stubborn that night.


i’m not saying they’re the most perfect serge job ever– far from it.  but they’re roomy and comfy and they keep your booty covered.  we wore our pairs for four days straight.  you need roomy and comfy when you’re around Hollow Leg Dad.  besides cheese covered grits, homemade pizza and house smoked pork butt, we were treated to sauvignon blanc, cabernet franc, peach bellinis, prosecco, chardonnay, watermelon cliffhangers, hot toddies, pinot noir, carmeniere, bordeaux, bordelino, and several other shades of red (no merlot.  I SAID NO MERLOT).

during the festivities, we found The Child had developed an intense fondness for frosty the snowman, and sang the first verse on permanent repeat.  eventually, ruggy came up with new lyrics for the bridge that would not come:


then one foggy christmas eve

our friend came to say:

“hey there are you drunk enough?

if you’re not then just drink this.”

then aghhg ggg ggggg haaaaaa gghh haaaahhhhhh



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. hahahhahaha. love that verse. going in our repertoire. Fabulous pyjamas. I’m going to sound like a broken record here but you both must come to scotland!!! :)

  2. Serger encased elastic waistband, I think I get it! Too comfy Oona! xoxo

  3. Those look comfy. I need to trace my favorite pair and make some more. Just seems like I don’t get to the projects that actually need to be done.

  4. Oona, I’m honored you took on my challenge and love what you come up with! They are exactly the kind of clothes I wish I could live in.

  5. The pants are great (love the quote from the other customer), but now on to the important things: a watermelon cliffhanger sounds awesome and I hate Merlot, too. That’s it from me!

  6. :D Sounds like my kind of weekend… Lovely lounge pants, I love the seasonal stripes!

  7. I forgot to mention that I hate merlot too…..odd!

  8. i just looked at flights. seriously. one way was 84 bucks!!! erm, the other was not. but looking at flights is the next step to booking flights… and i will be bringing liquid in my suitcase…

  9. on the weekends i kinda do :). i had wanted to come up with some crazy 30’s gown but in the end these are my favorite!

  10. that, my polka dotted friend, does not surprise me :). in real life, there’s a thin turquoise stripe in there as well. you’d love it.

  11. the every day stuff is the hardest isn’t it? i’m currently working on another glam top. with nothing to wear for say, running errands.

  12. it made my brain hurt, but when it clicked i was SO happy :)

  13. rum, watermelon, lime, ginger….. aggggghhagagagghhhhhhhh

  14. I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with so many things in one post before…. like lingerie, what is the point? I went past a department the other day and sounded like a crazy person muttering “Why are there so many tiny bows? Why is everything be covered in tiny diamontes?” and “That costs HOW much? I won’t even wear it that long!” I digress. I love your lounge pants – perfect for sleeping, drinking and general life existence. They’re now on my ever-expanding “things I need to sew” list…my nephew keeps usurping his way to the top of that list. I’m also impressed that you made some for your friend – but considering they were providing alcohol I think this meets your “sewing for others” manifesto. I’m also not a fan of Merlot. I don’t care if it’s “smooth” – if it’s red I want it to punch me in the face. I am not wasting precious alcohol units on something that tastes like watered down red cordial (see: Rose’. But that’s just my opinion!). But the pants – I love them.

  15. Shit. There’s a typo. As a spelling and grammar enthusiast I have failed.

  16. Oh Oona, you poor thing. I hate Frosty with a passion. But Hot toddies? Jealous! I’ve always wanted to try them. And grits sound so good right about now. I’ve never heard of this serged waistband technique, sounds useful. They look so festive and comfy!

  17. Comfy pants FTW (for the win – that’s World of Warcraft speak for you there).