Hot! oona does it!: ruggy’s rules

allow me to make up for the pathetic pictures in last week’s column…

BOOYACASHA!  my man is HOT!  don’t say i never did y’all any favors!

ticking off another D2 challenge this week, my rugged ruggy picked the pattern and fabric.

well, kind of.  he had help.  and i’m pretty sure i was meant to have ruggy pick out supplies for something i’d wear.  to wit, the challenge was :

5. Have Ruggy choose your fabric and pattern

“your” being the operative pronoun.

when ruggy requests something sewn, i laugh.  no really, i do, long and loud.  he’ll ask me to mend a hole in the lining of his ten year old leather gloves.  or sew a sports patch on a fabric cooler.  reattach the insert in his twenty pound hiking boots.  MAKE HIM BOXER SHORTS.


i mean seriously.  who sews boxer shorts?!

but he has been wanting a shirt for awhile, a sane request.   one that’s taken me four years to carry out.  actually, i’ve made him only one thing since i started sewing, a pair of valentine’s day lounge pants in mint green horsie flannel.  they were quickly abandoned due to lack of room in the crotch (don’t hate, ladies).

and that’s not right.  this is a man who wakes up early every morning to make the best coffee IN THE WORLD, which he brings to me at bedside so that i might wake to its luscious aroma.  (i SAID, don’t hate.)

he chose, with a minimal amount of nudging from me, colette’s negroni .  i knew sarai would walk me through making a shirt and it wouldn’t end in tears, and she did.


however! (this is sad, folks, get ready) kenny doesn’t do buttonholes.  i KNOW.  so i went with mother of pearl snaps instead.  i think they’re better suited to my southern man anyway. the woman at the trim store said i’d need a special doohickey to attach them– but she did not have the doohickey.  i said i’d use a hammer, ignoring her raised eyebrows.  and i did.

of course ruggy had photo approval.  this took longer than expected… i liked pretty much every picture we took; he was a harsher critic.  he painfully chose five that didn’t make him cringe out of fifty shots.

you have to mix cool and silly, he said.

where exactly are the silly shots?  i asked, visions of posing in a shower while holding a blade dancing in my head.


this one right here, this one is silly.

um, okay ruggy, you handsome hunk of man.  sure.



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. Your man is totally hot!
    Oona, you’ve done it again! I love this and such a brilliant idea to add the pearled snaps. I ordered Negroni for my (hot) man over the Thanksgiving weekend and (if it ever gets here) I can’t wait to start making him shirts.

  2. YAY!!! Ruggy’s negroni shirt is FABULOUS! I laughed to think of you attacking the snaps with a hammer! I totally would have done that too! All the photos are fantastic! And you’re right, Ruggy DOES make the BEST. COFFEE. EVER. Sending you both holiday love from Scotland!!

  3. This evening I’m drinking K1 Arneis (I have been heavy on the K1 recently but they make excellent wine and their cellar door is in a forest! And they have a lake. And cheese platters) – according to the tasting notes (ok, back label) it has hints of almonds (nuts) and Ruggy is a guy (see: horsey pants) so keeping with tradition of tenuous links, I think I’ve justified another evening of drinking and blog reading.
    I think our husbands were separated at birth. Nick often asks me to fix things (that are usually several years/decades past their use by date) or make something he thinks “would be so awesome”. Ahh…no. I laugh also.
    I love the shirt – it looks amazing! And you got to topstitch the crap out of it – surely the sign of a truly great shirt. I also love that you got to smash it with a hammer. Therapeutic fashion. Fancy tools be damned. Four years in the making = totally worth it.
    PS. Very jealous. I live for coffee. And I hope this doesn’t post twice, my last comment got eaten.

  4. Wow. I’m sweating — your man is totally hot!!!! I really like the shirt, too. But, I still can’t get over the hotness.
    OK. Shirt: I love the fabric — it really makes the Negroni look like a vintage cowboy shirt and there’s nothing cooler than that. Nice!

  5. Aw, you both are so cute together, I’m sure of it! The shirt looks great and I love the snaps. And your apartment looks seriously cool!

  6. oooh ruggy IS a handsome hunk of a man!
    why is that every man i’ve ever dated wanted me to sew him boxer shorts? seriously? who actually gets excited about making boxer shorts, let alone wearing handmade ones? boxer shorts are those things you buy your boyfriend for christmas because you just started dating 2 weeks ago and you don’t really know each other yet.
    anyway, i’m making a negroni for my boyfriend for christmas :) hope he loves it. i might put pearl snaps on it just for the hell of it – and also because i love ripping off a pearl snap shirt hahaha

  7. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Seriously. Ruggy’s shirt looks fantastic, and I love that you attached the pearl snaps with a hammer (I think I smell a tutorial for that one…yes?). I have to agree, 100%, that Ruggy does make the best coffee in the whole flipping universe. I still tell people about those two cups of coffee and how amazing they were. Back to the shirt: I applaud you for getting through this pattern and making it look so fantastic! My version for Rob has never been posted online, though he begged to wear it – I told him NO, because people are going to ask you where you got it, you’ll say I made it and I will be ashamed of my lack of skill. I think you may have inspired me to revisit the pattern, so expect a big thank you from Rob in the next coming months!

  8. I know I was supposed to be checking out a shirt here, and I kinda did for a minute, but DAYUM girl, he is smokin fine. And your excellent sewing talents only help highlight that fact. You don’t actually let him out of the house, do you?

  9. wow that’s taking a long time! you & your hottie are going to love this pattern.

  10. sending it RIGHT BACK TO YOU BOTH!!!!!

  11. i’m telling you, we’re all related.
    (nuts? this justification is the best yet.)

  12. ain’t he? :)
    i was going for cowboy! erm, i mean, ruggy was going for cowboy when he picked the fabric…. i think i’ve given myself away…

  13. apparently it’s hard to find good boxer shorts. WHO KNEW. someone could really make a killing if they came up with the right line.
    go for pearl snaps, they are FUN!

  14. tutorial: drink wine, hammer snaps.
    YOU MUST POST ROB’S SHIRT. don’t be a wimp. (i cleaned that way up for the sew weekly.)

  15. ruggy loved your comment, though he’d probably be embarrassed that i said he did… oh well. i’m mouthy.

  16. You had me at BOOYACASHA.
    Love the shirt. And the hammering skills. And the “silly” photo. It’s all pretty much just awesome.
    And I have totally thought about sewing boxers. :)

  17. Love the shirt, and I’m impressed with Ruggy that he let you do this for him.
    yeah, I don’t think Hubby would go in for it. He all about solids and plaids. Ah, well, maybe I can sneak a shirt in for him. I’m gonna go back and reread to figure out where the pattern is from — since I was too busy looking at the pictures.

  18. Oh, frig flop fly!! Ruggy is a tres handsome dude! Ruggylicious, methinks ;) Fantastic Negroni – I love, love the pearl snaps!

  19. I gave in and ordered the Negroni pattern just the other week… I’m so hoping it gets here pre-Christmas.
    You do, indeed, have a handsome dude. However, I’m too busy drooling over my boy’s recently-restored 18-pack to be too jealous. Although it is annoying that his waist is probably smaller than mine right now… ;) I do think they look better when they’re wearing things we make them, don’t you?

  20. Ok, I know you told me not too. But I’m hating. The man, the shirt, the skilz. There is awful lot there to hate.
    (Note to self: Don’t hate, congratulate.)

  21. Don’t hate. Lol! You make it hard not to…
    He looks super fine in his fabulous handmade shirt.
    And let’s not forget to mention that ruggy gets extra points for letting you post his photos. Seriously! J would never agree. Not that I’ve ever sewn anything for him.

  22. yup, snaps, all the better to rip the shirt rightoffhim AMIRITE!!?!??!?

  23. Hot hubs who make killer coffee? Yes! Loves the fabric & topstitching. I’m going to look like such the copy cat whenever I get around to R’s Negroni… he’s a pearl snap man, and I scored a rad set on ebay a while back. He also brews up the joe every morning, so I’d better say thanks with a shirt soon :)

  24. Fabulous shirt! Have you ever noticed that it’s the manliest of men that want to wear shirts with little flowers and snaps that look like pearls?

  25. I have the tool but found hammering better!
    I’m glad you finally posted this. I was waiting for your results before I tried it. Still nervous about man’s proportions aren’t as sleek as yours. : )

  26. You made me laugh SO HARD. But seriously, the shirt is hot…I’m in love with those pearl snaps.

  27. Oona, you should know, there is an industrial button hole-er at 38th on the south side of the street called Johnathan Embroidery. They do regular button holes as well as key hole! And the prices aren’t bad, it’s $3 for the first three and 50 cents per button hole after that. Key hole are $1 each.
    Or am I preaching to the choir?

  28. Wait a minute, Kenny doesn’t do buttonholes? Are you sure you don’t just need to order the attachment kit? Both of my old reliable kenmores will take one:
    However, the snaps are awesome, and any excuse to use a hammer in your sewing project is ok by me!

  29. impressed? he’d have me sewing EVERY MINUTE for him if he could!
    actually that’s a semi lie. he says i should sew for myself. and him.

  30. yeah, i borrowed ruggy’s jeans the other day. well, tried to.
    they were tight on me.

  31. also; don’t hate, retaliate.

  32. liza jane, it was NEAR IMPOSSIBLE. he forgot when he agreed to this, there would have to be photographic evidence.

  33. we are of ONE MIND, my friend. i KNOW you’ve made a snap shirt for that sexy simon.

  34. they sound like twins. so be careful, the picture session will be a bear. oh! i also shortened the sleeves & the length.

  35. YES! i think they like the juxtaposition.

  36. go for it! sarai makes it SO easy. i didn’t even look up anyone’s tips/sewalongs, just followed her instructions. it’s a boxy cut, too, should you worry regarding sleek.

  37. i KNOW! the lady sans doohickey told me about him, and i was all, whatever, i’ve got a hammer.
    but, i’m thinking about taking a blazer i have in mind to him. this blazer is a figment of my imagination.

  38. well… he HAS a buttonhole setting, but the dial is sort of off… the positions don’t match up to the arrow. it’s prolly an easy fix, i just can’t get the steam up to lug his 50 pound butt to the service guy!
    but that link is glorious! i’m going to do some research on numbers…

  39. LOVE IT! And the snaps were totally the right call. That top stitching is mad good.