Hot! oona does it!: proud as a peacock, and paying for it.

i thought it would be fun to end this half year of posts with a nod to my first oona does it!


you might recall, that fowl challenge was my first try at colette patterns, the free sorbetto top, which i messed around with as per usual.  i thought i’d hack up another sarai sensation, this time, the pastille dress from her wonderful new book.

i scored three yards of peacock flamed 100% linen for a whopping $2.98.  there would be no feathers.

armed with the knowledge gained from six months of sewing a garment a week, i knew i would fly through this one.  oh hai: this dress took FOREVER.  on the fifth day of sewing, i informed the general public i would be finished with the *%^#)@! dress in thirty minutes. mother ruggy took me seriously, and set a timer.

three hours later, i emerged defeated.


my race against the clock was not aided by sewing the facing on backwards.  oh yes.  that there teal crumply bit is the FACING.  timer clicking, i stitched quickly and efficiently, grading my seams with my new pelican scissors and admiring my own speed, grabbing the iron and screaming into the beeping air when i realized my mistake.  at this point i couldn’t take it out, since i’d already graded the seam.  so i threw an embroidery stitch on it and made it a design element.   the poor man’s version of mena’s awesome stitchery from last week.

oh hey, did i mention this dress was part of the chapter marked a perfect fit?


ah haha, i thought, i’m about to make a dress from the chapter that implores you to make a muslin.  i’m so past muslins!  my fitting skillz are the bomb diggity!  i’ll just corrrect the tracing.  

only… i never adjusted the pattern tracing.  just patted myself on the back for the KNOWLEDGE of what needed to be done.  ?!  hence, le horizontal darts slicing across my mid back.  and how about that ghostbusters green zipper?  now that’s class.


do you remember romeo?  the original inspiration from lady katza?  he was too disgusted with the outcome to pose with me.   instead, he decided to hold the first annual Peacock Hawk Brotherhood Convention.  it’s right up there with Lions And Lambfest.

predator and prey having a powwow… electric green zippers on backwards faced hack jobs…. are the mayans right?  is the end near?  


now look.  don’t get all silly on me and tell me this is a keeper.  IT IS NOT.  but i will use the rest of my linen to come up with a fix.   hopefully before 2012.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Y’ALL!  may you drink enough to stop noticing your sewing mistakes!!!



oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. You say sign of the apocalypse, I say DESIGN FEATURES! You know, you say potato, I say vodka (actually, you’d probably say vodka and I’d say cheers!). I’ve never seen horizontal back darts before so who really knows where they’re really supposed to go, I really like the facing on the outside (design feature!) and ghostbuster zip? It’s now 80s retro chic! Even the things you deem screw up look great to me. And you can grade with scissors??! I want to go to there.

    I’m a hardcore sewing perfectionist so it would take a hell of a lot of alcohol for me not to notice them… I won’t be defeated though, it’s a 2012 challenge!

  2. I LOVE the way your dress came out!

  3. Oona! This is such a cool dress! But I totally understand being like “Forget this thing!” and being over it by the time you’re done, I have jettisoned many a dress for that reason! It was awesome sewing with you this year!

  4. Pshaw! Every mistake is a design element! Okay, so maybe not every, but I do like the contrast facing.

  5. Kalkatroona must be a magical place, if peacocks and hawks pose for photos together.
    I love that linen, but I’ve been known to mangle some awesome vintage linen myself in 2011. Case in point: Yikes.
    And hey…there is another Vicki on the Sew Weekly?! One of us will have to start using a nickname. Or wearing a goatee in our profile photos so that everyone can tell us apart.
    I volunteer be the evil-goatee-wearing-Vicki.

  6. Don’t worry, the problem isn’t you, I think it’s in the pattern. There’s a thread on the Colette forum and it seems many women are having the same problem with the back. I think it is too long in the back bodice, you can see it when you line up the front and back patterns at the darts and seamlines. I had to pinch two inches out of it straight across and lengthen the darts to get rid of the fullness. So, I’m muslining again and hope to finish (and post) the end of my Fitting The Pastille series before the month is over.

    • oh my god. i don’t think i can look at that forum for fear of rage… i’m totally okay if i screwed it up, but if the pattern is off that makes my 2.98 linen and even WORSE loss, somehow…

      good luck with yours!

  7. Your dress looks amazing! I hope mine turns out that well as I’m a sewing newbie, I’ll be lucky if I can wear mine – or if it will even look like an item of clothing :-)

    I actually love the way it looks with the turquoise facing on the front, and how you embroidered it. It really complements the dress fabric. I’m now attempting the Meringue Skirt from the Collette Sewing Handbook – if I survive that, I’ll attempt a dress. Wish me luck!