Hot! oona does it!: bronze age


mokosha went away for awhile
, but before she did, she raised a glass to my mojito dress:

amazing dress oona.. i thought you might make a gold, with booze as inspiration..

i thought:  you might just be an evil genius, mokosha.


she IS an evil genius, you know.  how else to explain her many talents?  mountaineer. archaeologist.  toy maker.  fortune teller.  poet.  the woman is many things.

and her posts always make me grin. envy inducing garments, gorgeous pictures, brilliant colors.  with a soupcon of words.  she doesn’t feel the need to wax on as some do (ahem, YOURS TRULY).  just wee poetic bursts.






mokosha left us for awhile

she went digging for gold

(or possibly bones but i like shiny things)


so i made this boozy dress to celebrate her return


maybe an ode to goldschlager

a horrible drink from my college days


now i find the home deco synthetic fabric itchy

but i don’t care

as it’s





oonaballoona, from kalkatroona, first started visiting the sew weekly in 2011. since then she's made new clothes, new friends, and many many new drinks.


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  1. Ooh, shiny home decor fabric! Very fun. I love the shape. And the yellow tights are fabulous.

  2. oh my
    it looks just like my kind of dress
    like you entered my messy brain
    and spied on my thoughts

    screamed the curious,

  4. gold is stunning on you, not that i am surprised!

  5. You look cute as a button. You’d have to REALLY trust your photographer for that first shot. ‘You can’t see my underwear, can you?’ ‘No, no, not at all…’

  6. ADORE. I swear there is not a color on this earth that you don’t look completely stunning in! This dress is made even more fabulous by the addition of pockets. Fantastic work, my dear!

  7. Wow! That is a striking dress.

  8. ooh Shine-y!!

  9. loving the hiku (or however you spell it, not my strong point).
    Love the dress, too! And you do look good in gold.

  10. Um, can you please send me YELLOW TIGHTS?! Where does one even find such things?! And of course, the dress is tres mignon.

  11. LOVE this! I want one. You are the queen of tights lately!

  12. Beautiful dress. Love the shiny gold fabric. I think it manages to make this suitable both for the holidays and springtime.

  13. I just love this dress! The lines are fabulous (love the bodice and the inverted pleats!!!) PLUS in gold!!!!! YAY! You look fabulous!

  14. K1 Winery Hand Crafted Salmon Sparkling NV with this dress, because it’s sparkly, pretty and never too early in the week for bubbles.
    This dress is so gorgeous! I love the neckline, sleeves, bodice darts…and, well all of it. I love me some vintagey shiny fabric. Just have a couple of Goldschlagers and you won’t notice the itchy. Awesome also outweighs itchy. They teach that equation in maths class now.

  15. Love it Una! That is all

  16. total fun to work with, and it’s so stiff i didn’t even need a crinoline!

  17. i do have secret powers.

  18. simplicity
    project runway
    number 2444!!!

  19. especially when the photographer is me. i’m pretty shifty.

  20. i will tell you right now: PASTELS. pastels suck on me!!

  21. the goody two shoes in me must aid you: haiku. but i bet hiku means something somewhere.

  22. TARGET, GIRL! little colorful bundles of softness with a nice stretchy waist!

  23. i must thank target. how they’re not in the city yet is beyond me.

  24. especially once i hack the sleeves off :))

  25. thank you debi!! next campbell meetup, maybe we should all go in gold…

  26. were we separated at birth?
    no seriously.

  27. when i saw the bolt at joann’s, my thoughts EXACTLY.