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The Facts

Fabric: Navy silk dupiani (3 yards at $15 a yard locally) and a scrap from last week's Liberty print
Pattern: The Truffle Dress pattern, Colette Sewing Handbook
Year: c. 2011
Notions: zipper from stash
Time to complete: 4 hours
First worn: November 2011
Wear again? For any special occasion for all of time – love this dress!

Total Cost: ~$45

Remember the mega fail that was my 1920s drop waisted dress? Well I tried again. And again. The third time was indeed the charm when it comes to making a dress inspired by the 1920s and 1930s, thanks to the Truffle Dress in the Colette Sewing Handbook. 

Il_fullxfull-1My second attempt was a really cool vintage pattern by Dubarry. As I found out while constructing it,  vintage directions are difficult sometimes and I botched the heck out of the cutting and construction. It is now a pile of scraps! On to plan C.

Plan C was awesome. The book arrived in the mail on "Dubarry Disaster" day and saved me from drop kicking my sewing machine into the yard. I read through all the patterns in it (Love them!) and decided that the truffle dress, with it's awesome little ruffle and unfussy bodice would be perfect for what I wanted: a lovely dress to wear to a wedding at Nouveau Antique Art Bar in November. The ruffle was just the right touch of the jazz age and the fit was so 2011 – cute, flattering and very comfortable!

Success! This dress to exactly 4 hours (or 8 episodes of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, as I like to think of it) to complete and was incredibly easy. And the dupiani – Lord in Heaven, that's some good stuff. It's easy to sew with, wears amazingly well and looks fantastic. The fit blew my mind – this is the first item of clothing I have ever made, in 18 years of sewing, that has fit me like a glove the first time I zipped it up. I credit my dress form and this year of intense sewing with that proud moment. 

20111111matheny0067-MThey had a Smilebooth, which is AWESOME! 

Thanks to the Third Time's a Charm Dress, we attending the 11/11/11 nuptials in style  and danced all night under the Tiffany lamps! 


Dress full

Dress detail

Dress up close



Sarah Gabbart


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  1. wow! looks so elegant.

  2. Third time’s a charm indeed! Beautiful dress and I do like the unexpected splash of colour under the ruffle. (I very much liked that in your top of last week)

  3. Beautiful! Can’t wait to get my hands on that book!

  4. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! I was in two minds about that design, but your version has swayed me and I love the pop of liberty hiding under the ruffle!

  5. Very beautiful…I, too, love the contrast of the liberty print under the dupioni. BTW…your new “do” is so flattering!

  6. The fit is great indeed and the deep blue color is gorgeous! I love working with silk dupioni, the only problem is that you have take it for drycleaning every time. Otherwise the crisp will be gone forever…
    BTW, I’m ‘fighting’ with my Macaron dress right now, after 3 muslins of the bodice the fit is almost perfect!

  7. Oooo I can’t wait to get my book for Christmas now. Love that dress on you.

  8. How can you sew and watch that show??!? I’m usually too busy laughing! :)

  9. Stunning, stunning, stunning!! How I pink puffy heart all the patterns in the Colette Handbook! Well done, Sarah! You look smashing!

  10. Your sewing really has come so far and I love how your hairdo makes everything you make look even cuter. Love the ruffle over the skirt – I just bought a dress very similar to it!

  11. Gorgeous!! And you’re right — the fit is perfect! I can’t wait until I reach that point in my sewing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. What a beautiful dress and a perfect fit! So well done!

  13. Yay hooray! I’ve got a book voucher and keep meaning to pop by the bookstore to get this book!
    Well done on third time lucky! It’s gorgeous fabric and the liberty ‘peek a boo’ is a great touch! YAY for getting the perfect fit!

  14. This dress is so lovely and that liberty is fab as a peekaboo fabric! You look simply marvelous in it!

  15. I know that feeling you’re talking about the ‘fits like a glove’ feeling, it puts a big smile on your face, well done Sarah the dress is stunning.

  16. Argh! That dress is so darn cute – it looks AH-mazing! I love the Liberty fabric lining – gorgeous detail. My mind hurts – I love this dress so much that I want the book but am scared of Colette patterns because my body doesn’t fit anywhere near American standard sizes (Plus, grading and I are still not really talking). Sighs. And that bar! Get me to Texas pronto! Seriously Texas, first the armadillo, now the amazing art bar? What DON’T you have (besides temperatures under 100 degrees)? I showed Nick all the Tiffany glass – he was much amazed (he has a thing for antique glass. I don’t quite understand it but then he doesn’t really understand sewing!). Hope you’re well and taking care of yourself xx