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The Facts

Fabric: Wool gabardine in burnt orange ($35.99 a yard on sale at a local shop – 50% off; total for 2 1/4 yards, $17.00! <= holla!)
Pattern:  Colette Clover
Year: c. 2011
Notions: invisible zipper
Time to complete: 2 hours
First worn: October 2011
Wear again? Yes

So we meet again Clover pants! You thought you came out on top with your frown lines and weird waistband, but this time I brought a secret weapon – Colette's Pattern Fitting Cheatsheet

With the help of this gem of a fitting resource, I was able to slash and spread the pattern to make room for my super round butt. They call it a Full Butt Adjustment, but I call it a saving grace for these pants. I simply found the problem I was having on the cheat sheet and boom – a solution in there! 

The making of the newly amended pattern back was easy – I traced the original pattern onto tracing paper, transferred the lines on the cheatsheet illustration, slashed and spread, taped that sucker back down and retraced it. Now I have a fully adjusted pattern piece to make these pants anytime I wish!

The results: waaaaayyyy better fit! In the previous pants, the crotch had tons of lines and the waistband drooped in the back. Now that my bubble butt has enough room, the pants shape over and around the backside, like they should! 

Are the pants perfect? Not yet. Still a few adjustments to be made in the thigh area (to get rid of the new crotch lines created by the changed fit), but I am so happy with these current changes and how much they affect the fit of the pants for the better. Can't wait to make another pair!


*Please excuse the photos this week – I didn't have time to put proper effort into them because of some family stuff, but I hope to get some good ones next week!


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. Way to Colour-block!

  2. Wow! Very nice. I have been following the clover posts on Colette Patterns, and considering making a pair. I’ve been waiting for someone who is not a size 2 to make them, because I was skeptical on how they would look on real curves.
    Looking forward to more photos, you look great in them!

  3. Oh my gosh, I’d never seen their pants adjustment cheat sheet before. It is brilliant! Pants never fit me properly – no butt, but I have a stomach – so maybe now I have a chance at making pants! Especially if yours are a testament to how well it works…they look awesome!

  4. These look adorable! Very nice job! Cute photos, too!

  5. I don’t even attempt to make pants other than pajama bottoms, so this is very inspirational to me!
    But I must ask, where did you get those shoes? They are so cute!

  6. These are so chic! Love the color blocking and you look fabulous in the clover pants. The cheat sheet is divine, I’ll definitely refer to it when sewing up pants, thanks for sharing:)

  7. Sarah, I love your pants.. I really want some orange pants..tooo cute. Love your shoes too. Happy sewing.

  8. What a great color for pants! And love that smooth fit!

  9. Ah you should never apologise Sarah you made the pants, you took the photos and you blogged, that is a massive task in itself. I Love the purple and the orange, perfect. I thought the cheat sheet was handy too. Perfect Clover pants.

  10. Thanks wingamajig! I love that Colette gives so many fitting options with these pants, because cigarette pants like these can be really unflattering on anyone who has a bit of junk in the trunk!

  11. I love that cheat sheet! When I found it I flipped – what an awesome resource! Can’t wait to see what you make!

  12. Thanks Dottie! These are Dankso Clogs, if you can believe it!, and I bought them at last year – I love them!

  13. Thanks Adey! I love that cheat sheet so much!

  14. Thank you Judy! Can’t wait to see your orange pants!

  15. Aww Kazz – thank you so much for saying that! I forget how much goes in to each week’s challenge – sometimes it’s easy to get down about the details (like having awesome photos) and not focus on what’s important: making a garment a week! Thank you – seriously – I needed to hear that :O)