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The Facts

Fabric: Tablecloth and napkin set purchased from a local thrift store 
Pattern: None
Year: c. 2011
Notions: A brooch purchased in a vintage store a few years back
Time to complete: 3 hours
First worn: November 2011
Wear again? Yes – when it's "Beginning to look at lot like Christmas"

Total Cost: ~$18

When I saw Mena's amazing Christmas dress from last year, I knew I had to make something like that for myself this year! I hit the thrift stores hard for something – ANYTHING – that fit the bill and came up empty after visiting 4 stores. Defeated, I decided to go to one more. Jackpot!

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This adorable set of holiday linens was stuffed into a shelf and seemed to be left just for me to find. Once I did, the old ladies hoarding Christmas items started circling – "Oh dear – are you going to buy that?" "That would sure look nice on my table!" I knew I had to check out with my goods fast or get my treasure poached! $18 later I was one heck of a fabric find richer. Sarah: 1; Poachers: 0. *swish*

The tablecloth was PERFECT for what I wanted to do – I simply cut up one side, removed the middle circle (leaving the ring of poinsettias and holly) and serged the edges to an underskirt of white (the skirt has cutouts, so this was for modesty). I took the napkins, cut them in half, and sewed them end-to-end to create the waistband/tie, leaving one end with an embroidered holly detail!

Details belt

I wanted to make a wrap around skirt, but wasn't sure how to handle the wrapping around part. Should it go in the front? The back? I took a cue from the Colette playbook and made this sucker close in the back with a chic wrap across the front. Because my planning ahead skills aren't the greatest at the moment, I made the side with the holly leaf on it too short. Somehow, it all worked out and I even got to use this sweet bow brooch to close it. Huzzah!

This skirt is the most awesome thing I have ever made – I LOVE Christmas and crazy Christmas attire, so this is going to be my standard party uniform every holiday season! Happy Holidays friends!

Details skirt


Sarah Gabbart


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  1. I just wanted to say that those SHOES are AMAZING!

  2. I love this – so awesome!

  3. I love this!!! I want one! (*Anna’s plans for tomorrow – go op shop Christmas table cloth hunting…*)

  4. I’m with you – I think this is my favourite thing you’ve made all year – fantastic job ….. love it! You are going to be the envy of all your friends these holidays! Merry Christmas!!

  5. That skirt is very cute, and I looove those shoes


    wow!! your outfit is just jaw droping!! loving it looking forward to the see your next creation.

  7. Fabulous!!!!

  8. You are so adorbs with the short hair.

  9. You are holiday fabulousness!

  10. Amazing! You look do demure.

  11. Sarah, this is beautiful!!!! I think it is the preetiest thing you have made all year..
    So proud you found the tablecloth, and so proud the other ladies didnt get it for their tables.. Much prettier as a skirt,ha.
    Merry Christmas.. [I love it too.].

  12. looks great – Very much like the waistband and the shine-y brooch. Stunning shoes too

  13. You’ve done an awesome job! It’s gorgeous, you’re gorgeous, and I’m loving what you did!

  14. Sarah,
    Another wonderful job, this is my next favourite of yours after your last Truffle Dress. Both are thumbs up!!

  15. I too love all things kitschy-Christmas, so you better watch out or I’ll steal it! Of course, I’ll have to steal that awesome red bow blouse too, so that I have a full outfit.
    And while I’m at it, I might just nick those glitter high heels!

  16. What a great fabric find and skirt! And…I want that Texas license plate ornament! (I’m an uprooted Texan living in Washington)

  17. This skirt is so cute! Especially paired with that shirt. As a bonus you look totally adorable in this picture. I love finding gems at thrift stores. Yay for thrift store scores :)

  18. Your skirt is so beautiful, i like the style.

  19. Cute. I think because of the flowers, you could wear it in the spring, too.

  20. Gorgeous Sarah, very clever indeed. Perfect for Christmas day.

  21. That is one frigging awesome skirt, just beautiful. You know you’re onto a winner when the thrift shop vultures start circling. I hope you have as relaxing a Christmas as possible (with alcohol to fall back on as required) and if nothing else, celebrate the awesomeness of your skirt and Tex in a scarf xx

  22. This is so INCREDIBLY FABULOUS! I just love it so!!! Great ideas on how to use the napkins too! Major score….